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2 Minute Membership Sites

2 Minute Membership Sites with Personal Use Only (UR)

Learn how to use free plugins to build a membership site from scratch and for free with our 4 part 2 minute membership sites video series.

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Create A Membership Website, From Scratch, With FREE WordPress Plugins In Under 2 Minutes !

Recurring income is the lifeblood of every stable, successful business online. If you don’t have at least one membership site your online business is probably experiencing severe cash-flow problems.

After years of working with WordPress I have discovered a way to create fast, secure, professional looking membership sites using only 5 FREE WordPress plugins in under 2 minutes and have it fully configured in just 25 minutes.

But I also include a WPClone (a free WP plugin) file that is PRE-CONFIGURED and ready to go. Just upload and install, add your content and you’ll have your own membership site in just minutes!

Here’s how I’m using this method: I’m setting up dozens of small niche membership sites online.

The results are amazing. I can literally have my doors open to new members in less than 27 minutes and start taking recurring payments the same hour!

When I’m done, the sites look great, members are added automatically (and cutting down customer service issues by 90%) and I can start getting payments almost immediately

What You’ll Get In These Videos :

  • Easy, Fast and FREE
  • Powered By 5 FREE Plugins
  • Easy To Configure
  • Use With Any Theme
  • Ready To Take Orders
  • Membership Site Included
  • S3+CloudFront Instructions!

Step-By-Step DIY Video Instructions:

Video 1: How to set up your membership site on your domain using WordPress and just 5 simple WP plugins! (2 minutes)

Video 2: How to configure them for your domain and get them running perfectly – create custom registration, login and lost password pages, redirection pages and test them. I even give you a text file with all the source and target links pre-configured! Just copy-n-paste your domain name into them! (15 minutes)

Video 3: How to setup your sales page and posts so that potential subscribers can see a preview but can’t access the posts – how to set up payment processing links correctly – testing and making sure everything works perfectly before you launch! (10 minutes)

Video 4: Driving targeted traffic to your site so you can make sales on autopilot and how to expand your membership empire!

QUICK START VIDEO + WPClone Membership Site Template (included!)

In addition to the DIY option I have included a WPClone file of the exact membership I use at my WordPress Training site, copytolearn.com. All you need to do is upload the WPClone file to your server and install. It takes less than 1 minute.

Depending on your configuration (like Aweber settings and copyright) all you need to do is add your content and start taking orders!

PLUS I have included video instruction on how I deliver my videos online using Amazon S3+CloudFront content delivery network (CDN). If you’ve struggled with doing this you’ll see how I do it with 2 free tools in seconds.

Using Amazon S3 with CloudFront (an Amazon service) is the best way to deliver your videos to your customers. Period. It’s fast and it’s cheap.

The advantage of using S3+CloudFront is that it doesn’t matter where your customer is – Japan, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, US, etc… they will always be able to access your videos from a nearby server which makes the experience fast for them.

And if you’re hosting sales videos you do not want any delays! Even a second or two could result in a prospect getting impatient and leaving your site! So my method is perfect for delivering your sales videos instantly to any potential customer in any region of the world …fast. In fact, it’s the fastest way period !

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