Amazon S3 How To Videos

Amazon S3 How To Videos

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Learn the secrets to setting up and using the amazon simple storage service with our 16 part video series titled amazon s3 how to videos.

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Finally! Step-By-Step Videos Show You How To Setup and Use Amazon S3!

Save A Ton Of Money By Hosting ALL Your Bandwidth Sucking Video and Download Files On The Amazon S3 Servers!

Don’t Give Up Learning How To Use Amazon S3..

Amazon S3 LogoLook Over My Shoulder While I Show You Step-By-Step How To Set up and Use Your Amazing Amazon (S3) Simple Storage Service…

Learn The Secrets To Setting Up Your S3 Account!

PLUS How To Use Some Of The Most Popular FREE Tools For Your Amazon S3 Account As Well!

Are you tired of spending your hard earned money each month on server space and bandwidth you are not even using?

Are you ready to break something the next time your site crashes because you had a little to much traffic at the same time?

Do the family pets run and hide from you when you start screaming about how slow your site is streaming videos because a few people are watching them at the same time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or you know someone these describe, then this could be the most important letter you have EVER READ!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Your Name Goes Here. Chances are you haven’t heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally did.

What Is Amazon S3

You may have bought a book or any of a bazillion other items from Well this is the very same Amazon. Amazon S3 is one of several applications or Services that Amazon has in it’s stable of many products.

Huge and Cheap

Amazon S3 is an online storage service like a hard drive in cyberspace with unlimited storage that you only pay for what you use. Amazon launched S3, in the United States in March 2006 and in Europe in November 2007. From the very beginning, Amazon has charged it’s users $0.15 per gigabyte per month, with additional charges for bandwidth used in sending and receiving data.

Easily Conquer The Basics

These Amazon S3 How-To Videos will..

  • Define the ‘Geek-speak’
    When you know what is being said it is easier to figure out
  • Show you some FREE tools
    Knowing where and how to use the proper tools helps get the job done quicker
  • Be easily digested because this is not a boring eBook
    These are entertaining videos that are a pleasure to watch and easy to learn from Download Your Amazon S3 Videos NOW!

16 Information Packed Video Tutorials..

Here Is A Look At Your Amazon S3 How-To Video Series!

Video 1 What is Amazon S3 (5m 32sec)
In video 1 you will learn about Amazon S3. What it is and how you can use it to save money and maintain a better relationship with your current and soon-to-be customers.

Video 2 How much does it cost (8m 01sec)
In this video we will cover the figuring of the cost of using the Amazon S3 service. looking at the tables that Amazon provides regarding the charges, some people.. myself being one of those people.. can easily get confused by all the potential charges. This video will simplify things and hopefully remove the air of confusion and replace it with the sweet smell of savings.

Video 3 How to setup a S3 account (7m 48sec)
In this video you will learn the steps involved in setting up your own Amazon S3 account – This will be rather straight forward and not difficult at all. But I will walk you through it anyway just to make sure we are off to a strong start.

Video 4 Cloudberry Explorer – An introduction (11m 23sec)
Cloudberry Explorer freeware is a powerful Windows program that helps to manage all aspects of Amazon S3 storage. CB Explorer is loaded with all kinds of goodies also known as features that make this free tool stand head and shoulders above it’s closest ‘paid for’ competitor. This video will cover the installation and an in-depth tour of the features of this cool tool.

Video 5 Setup your Cloudberry Explorer (7m 15sec)
In video 5 we will continue our look at Cloudberry Explorer. In the last video we covered the installation and a tour of the software functions – in this episode we will show you the setup procedures to get Cloudberry Explorer to work with your Amazon S3 account.

Video 6 How to create a bucket using Cloudberry Explorer (10m 41sec)
This video will answer the burning question. what the heck is an Amazon S3 Bucket? You will learn not only what a bucket is but also how to make one within the Cloudberry Explorer as well as a few other tid-bit’s of information regarding your Amazon S3 buckets.

Video 7 How to share your files (9m 33sec)
One more video in the Cloudberry Explorer segment of this video series…In this video you will learn how to share your Amazon S3 files with other S3 account holders. So play nice and get ready to learn a whole new layer of functionality for you Amazon S3 account.

Video 8 – How to create time expiring URLs (8m 22sec)
This video will pull back the curtain on how to create your own expiring url’s using Cloudberry Explorer. In addition to creating the time expiring url’s, you will also learn how they work and how to use them. For everyone that hands out digital download links, you need to watch this video.

Video 9 S3 Fox Organizer – An introduction (7m 08sec)
S3 Fox Organizer, the free FireFox plugin for managing your Amazon S3 files is another fantastic program and not just because of the cost – or lack there of. In this video we will go over the installation process and a walk around the program to show off some of it’s features.

Video 10 How to setup your S3 Fox Organizer (6m 43sec)
S3 Fox Organizer is feature packed,.. as we showed you in the previous video and it is easy to setup,.. as we will show you in this video.

Video 11 How to create buckets using S3 Fox Organizer (9m 29sec)
In this video we are continuing to show off some of the features and functionality of S3 Fox Organizer. This time you will learn how to create your Amazon S3 buckets using S3 Fox. You will also learn how to add folders and files to your newly created buckets as well as granting permissions for the whole world to see, access and download your files,.. if you so choose.

Video 12 How to share your files (5m 59sec)
Using S3 Fox Organizer is a great way to manage your files within your Amazon S3 account. In this video you will learn how to share your buckets, folders and files with other Amazon S3 account holders. After watching this video you will more than likely see several possibilities on how this feature can work with,.. and improve your particular business model.

Video 13 How to synchronize your folders (8m 02sec)
This video on S3 Fox Organizer will show you how to save time and eliminate certain frustrations related to important files and folders on your computer. You will learn how to setup and complete quick backups,.. or folder synchronizations,.. with push-button ease. This video is a must see.

Video 14 – S3 Fox Organizer and Time Expiring URLs (9m 31sec)
In this video you will learn how to create your own expiring url’s using the FireFox S3 Organizer . In addition to creating the time expiring url’s, you will also learn how they work, how to use them and a powerful tip that will add another layer of security and functionality to your expiring url’s. For everyone that hands out digital download links, this video is for you.

Video 15 – Your S3 Logging Details (5m 31sec)
This video will show you how to enable, monitor and view the details and statistics within the logs of your Amazon S3 buckets. This is pretty dry and boring stuff for most people, but you might be surprised by how much,.. and what type of information you can see inside these logs.

Video 16 – How To Stream Videos From Your S3 Account (14m 43sec)
One of the main reasons some people use Amazon S3 is to store their video files so when people watch them, the streaming videos will not bog down the rest of the web site. In this video you will learn a couple different ways to add streaming videos to your Blog and or web site – It’s easy now – once you know how… This video, the last in this series – is very detailed.

For The First Time Ever…

YOU Too, Can Master Amazon Simple Storage Service Easy and Fast! Can you use your computer mouse to click on the Play, Pause and Stop buttons on a video? Then you can learn how to use Amazon S3 for your online storage needs.

Amazon Simple Storage Service is waaayyy more than just an online hard drive…

I sell videos and other digital products online. Not long ago I would launch a new video product and spend time and money promoting the launch day and would receive fantastic response.

Don’t Let This Happen To You..

Then on launch day, everyone came to the site to see the goods and watch the sample videos. However, it would not be long before the site would slow to a crawl.

This prevented the videos from loading properly, the pages from loading properly and most importantly it would cause problems with the downloads for the paying customers. This equaled support issues on top of the other headaches from a disastrous launch day.

I quickly found what many others called a solution to my problem..

Amazon Simple Storage Service Also Known As Amazon S3

I was overjoyed with this discovery but it was not long before the despair started to set in.

I could not find any ‘non-geek-speak’ help that I would understand and be able to put to use. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I’d like to think I’m not totally brain dead either.

After looking under what seemed to be every stone and in every nook and cranny, I finally discovered the secret!

I taught myself how to setup and use Amazon S3 in such a way that I would be able to show you step-by-step in ‘Newbie-speak’ how to benefit from, and save loads of money, by creating and using your own Amazon S3 account.

Don’t get left behind. Get the Amazon S3 How to Videos now.

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