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Audacity For Marketers

Audacity For Marketers with Master Resale Rights (MRR)

Discover how to use audacity for marketers to create professional quality sounding tracks for all your audio projects.

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Does Your Podcasts and Audio Content Sound Bland and Just Not Professional Enough? Then Read On!

Audacity For Marketers covers the basics as well as the items many marketers need to know when it comes to using, editing, and improving audio tracks.

Here’s a sample collection of the videos contained in this package.

These Audacity Training videos allow you to look over my shoulder as I show the different ways to record, edit, and improve your audio tracks.

Here Is A List Of The 20 Video Titles In This Training Series

  • Video #1 – Course Introduction (2m04sec)
  • Video #2 – Safe Download & Install (7m16sec)
  • Video #3 – Customizing UI (4m56sec)
  • Video #4 – Dashboard Tour (5m26sec)
  • Video #5 – Record First Audio (2m 39sec)
  • Video #6 – Saving Audio Files (5m18sec)
  • Video #7 – Importing Audio Files (4m24sec)
  • Video #8 – Selection Tool (4m31sec)
  • Video #9 – Envelope Tool (6m43sec)
  • Video #10 – Zoom Tool (6m12sec)
  • Video #11 – Draw Tool (5m32sec)
  • Video #12 – Adding Intro & Background Music Tracks (5m42sec)
  • Video #13 – Improve Videos Audio (4m21sec)
  • Video #14 – Create Loop Tracks (5m07sec)
  • Video #15 – Effects-Clip Removal (5m41sec)
  • Video #16 – Effects-Remove Silence (4m13sec)
  • Video #17 – Sound Creation (4m49sec)
  • Video #18 – Effects-Noise Removal (5m38sec)
  • Video #19 – Keyboard Shortcuts: what they are and how to customize them (5m44sec)
  • Video #20 – Convert Stereo to Mono and why (4m52sec)

Learn from one of the worlds premier online teaching masters. With clear and precise over the shoulder instruction you will learn sound processing techniques for marketers. Click the add to cart button now and learn to create quality clear audio now.

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