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The Complete Autoresponder Setup Guide

The Complete Autoresponder Setup Guide with Resale Rights (RR)

Discover the complete autoresponder setup guide to aweber through our 5 part video series. From list setup to forms, writing and uploading to your site.

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An autoresponder is one of the essential tools for internet business.

Learn exactly how to set the whole thing up.

This is a complete video series that shows you everything from list setup to adding forms to writing an email sequence all the way to uploading your site.

As I noted above, an autoresponder is an essential element for any serious internet business. Capturing leads and following up with those leads will always lead to more sales. This is a hard and proven fact!

However when I look around the internet at different sites selling products or services I see about 40 percent of them do not offer a newsletter or are not making any attempt at capturing leads. This is a HUGE mistake.

I have also run across many sites that are using autoresponder but are not using them effectively. This is almost as bad as not using one.

You see, no matter which autoresponder you are using you need to use the supplied tools to your advantage. Many people overlook some of the features that can boost your opt in rates , which in turn boosts your sales.

Many people are also Leary of adding code to their website because they fear they will mess something up. There is no need to be afraid to edit your website and I will show you how to use free tools to edit your site and add a nice looking opt in box and make it stand out.

I am also going to show you how to upload your edited website so it is live after you have made the changes.

Having an autoresponder form on your sites is very important, and I will show you every aspect of getting it all set up.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to create an autoresponder list
  • How to create your autoresponder sequence
  • How to create your opt in form
  • How to edit your website
  • How to use CSS to make your opt in box pop!
  • How to upload your website
  • and lots more…

Now is your chance. This video series is going to show you everything you need to know about setting up your autoresponder system.

** Note – I will be demonstrating on Aweber, however I will be showing the basic elements that will be common on all autoresponder systems. This is not a course on how to use Aweber specifically. None of the advanced features are used.

Don’t wait – grab your copy now!

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