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Building Big Email Lists

Building Big Email Lists with Resale Rights (RR)

Discover how to build those massive email lists just like those marketing gurus with our step-by-step building big email lists like the big dogs video series.

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Massive eMail Lists = Massive eMail Profits.
Here’s How To Build Yours…

Tired of struggling to generate *Trickles* of traffic that hardly convert? Forget traffic generation. Build an email list and Crank Out Profits for life!

Is Your Online Business Floundering When It Comes To Getting People To Buy?

If you’re struggling to create consistent streams of income in your business, you’re part of a big club.

The fact is, there is a ton of competition when it comes to getting eyeballs on your offers whether they be your own or affiliate promotions.

Everyone is trying to generate as much traffic as possible which usually comes at an extremely high price.

The good news is that there’s a way to generate traffic (and profit) on demand WITHOUT paying a dime.


If you own an online business or are hoping to start one soon, you probably already know that you need an email list.

What’s unfortunate is that most people who start web businesses (or brick and mortar businesses for that matter) fail and many of those failures could be avoided if they just had a list!

You’ve probably seen all of the hype about building a list and promotions for products that promise to help you build a massive list overnight.

Can you REALLY build a list overnight? No.

Can you get a great start if you have the right information that shows you exactly which steps to take? No doubt!

All it takes is a little bit of action on your part following the simple steps that we are going to go over in this letter.

The first thing we need go to over is a lingering thought some people have…

“Some of this is hard to believe. Does Every Business really Need An email List?”

Some people (maybe even you) may be thinking that they really don’t need an e-mail list.

You may be thinking that the local tire shop or the local taco shack doesn’t need a web site, right?

That’s not an uncommon thought.

To your surprise, ANY business can hugely benefit from building an e-mail list. So how can a tire shop benefit, exactly?

On the surface, a tire shop may not look like the most likely of candidates when it comes to using email for business profits but let’s look a little deeper.

Let’s say that a tire shop does well all year with constant sales that keep the business thriving throughout the year except for the month of June.

For some reason, June slows way down, foot traffic within the store slows down and sales take an overall nose dive. Bad news right?

This is where having an e-mail list comes in. If this tire shop had an e-mail list of targeted prospects, past visitors to the store and past customers they could simply shoot out a quick message offering a freebie to get people in the store.

Something like “Free Rotation, Balance & Pressure Check Just For Coming In.” Do you think that would get some people into the store? You bet it would!

How YOU Can Generate your Own Highly targeted & Massively Responsive email list starting today…

As you saw in the previous tire shop example, any business either offline or online can benefit greatly from having an e-mail list.cd

BBEL CdThe secret to actually building an e-mail list that you can make money with is much easier than most people think. I’m talking drop dead simple!

Now, I’m not going to tell you that you’ll have a million people on your email list tomorrow because that just isn’t likely to happen.

However, you CAN realistically start building a list as soon as tomorrow and see your first subscriber in the next 24 hours!

Getting the ball rolling is all it takes to start the snowball effect in action which will result in a profitable list.

Three Gigantic Benefits Of Having A Big email List!

It’s obvious that you absolutely need an e-mail list if you want to keep your business steadily making money.

Here are three of the biggest benefits of having an e-mail list…

  1. Making More Money From Past Customers – Let’s face it, the dream in business is that once a customer buys from us, they will come back to buy more. Sadly, this is not what actually happens the majority of the time. With an e-mail list, you can bring old customers back in by contacting them with a quick e-mail!
  2. Turning Leads Into Cash Paying Customers – With an e-mail list you will be able to contact people that may have come into your store or made contact with you in some way. This puts your business in front of this person who initially showed interest in doing business with you so that when they are ready to buy, they immediately think of you.
  3. Turning Slow Sales Days Into Record Breaking Sales Days – When you have an e-mail list of past customers and leads that you can follow up with, slow days are a thing of the past. Simply shoot out an e-mail with an offer and watch the sales come in.

These are just a few of the benefits of having an e-mail list that you can communicate with on a regular basis and is by no means an all inclusive list.

There are literally hundreds of direct and indirect benefits to having an e-mail list, all of which will help yo make more money and get through tough economic times.

Another way to think having an e-mail list is that it’s…

The Closest Thing To Actually Being Able To generate Cash On Demand…

When you have a database of people that you can contact at will and share your business message with, you have extreme power.

The power that you have is the ability to get people to your web site, or into your store, or to call you on the phone. Doing this exposes people to your product and will lead to an increase in business.

Going back to the tire shop example – can you imagine how cool it would be if you turned a slow day into a busy, profitable day with one e-mail?

The first time you do that, you will realize that you have given yourself an extreme edge in doing business.

Does your competition have an e-mail list? Probably not.

When your competition is having slow days and spending a fortune on additional advertising on TV, the news paper, pay per click, and other advertising outlets, you will be sending out simple e-mails to increase business.

Your competition will always be thinking “Why is his (or her) business always so busy on days when mine is completely dead?”

Building An email list is something that anyone can do starting today, and i do mean anyone…

Start Building A Big List That you Can sell to Over And Over Again starting today!

Now, I know that some people think that they just don’t have the skill set required to build an e-mail list. This is so far from the truth that you are going to be surprised.

In fact, you can create an e-mail list if you don’t even have a web site! Of course we recommend you have a web site to further increase business and your visibility but it’s not a requirement!

The truth is that I’m not promising to teach you how to create a million person e-mail list overnight. That’s not possible as we both know. We also both know that the hyped up courses out there promising things like this are just flat out lying.

I’m going to show you how anyone can create an e-mail list. I don’t care if you’re a local seafood delivery business, an experienced web designer, or a water delivery business, you CAN do this.

The entire premise of the system that I’ve put together was to show any person or business, no matter how big or small, how to start creating an e-mail list fast.

Add Your First Subscriber To Your e-mail list In under 24 hours, regardless of your Experience level, Then Explode Your List Growth!…

There is absolutely no question that you can create your own e-mail list and add your first subscriber in 24 hours or less.

All you have to do is walk through the simple system that I’ve put together and follow the simple steps. There’s nothing complicated about it!

Listen, if you know how to do a Google search and can copy and paste text, you have everything that you need to know to start building an e-mail list. It really is that easy.

When I started creating this training system, I knew that it absolutely had to be easy so that people without technical experience could do it just as easily as people with web design experience.

The entire basis of this system revolves around simplicity, speed of implementation, and nearly nonexistent maintenance.

In 24 hours you really can have your own e-mail list setup and have your first subscriber.

The greatest thing about the whole system is that after you setup your e-mail list, the growth of the list is nearly automatic. In fact, you can setup your list to where the only time you have to do ANYTHING is when you want to send an e-mail and make money!

Pretty cool right?

You will also learn how to explode the growth of your list after you get the ball rolling so that your business grows financially as your list grows. We go over tons of inside tactics for finding people interested in your products, your service, and your business!

“Set Your List Up Today, Get Your First Subscriber Tomorrow, Start Seeing Substantial Growth Within 30 Days!”

This training program is going to get you moving toward building lists just like the big dogs starting today. Tomorrow you will have your first subscriber and within 30 days, you will start seeing your list explode with new leads.

Think about this. If you can add just 15 leads per day (which is simple) to your e-mail list, you will have an e-mail list of over 5,000 people in less than a year!

That’s 5,000 people that have already shown interest in you and your business that you can promote offers to!

If your thinking “Well, 15 leads a day still sounds like a lot for me to add each day”, let me tell you, it’s easy! With the system you are about to get your hands on you will learn how you can harness the power of multiple promotion methods to build 15 leads a day extremely easily.

It’s time that you stop worrying about how your business is going to make money and time that you guarantee that you profit wildly!

Sales, Web Traffic & Loyal Fans! Generate Clicks & Cash On Command!

  • Two Full Hours Take You From Knowing Nothing To Building A List!
  • Generate Your First REAL Subscriber In As Little As 24 Hours!
  • Build A List Of Fans You Can Market Products To For Life!
  • Ensure That your Business Makes It Through Rough Economic Times!
  • Any Experience Level Can Build An Email list!

Building Big email lists like the big dogs…

BBEL FlatNow anyone can build an e-mail list that helps them in their Internet Marketing efforts and that generates cash on demand!flat

Building a real e-mail list that you can market products and services to does not have to be some complicated, technological mess.

Anyone can build an e-mail list thanks to the Building Big Email Lists Like The Big Dogs Video Seminar. You’ll learn how to go from complete novice to experienced list builder in under 24 hours!

Of course you won’t generate a million subscribers overnight but you WILL generate your first subscriber quickly! We guarantee it!

If you are still concerned that you just don’t have the knowledge, skills, or resources that you need to build a big e-mail list, let me put your mind at ease…

Building Big Email Lists Like The Big Dogs is a system that was designed from the ground up for a complete novice that has no experience generating big e-mail lists.

This means that anyone from the local florist all the way to the online web designer can build an e-mail list from scratch.

Even if you’re completely new to this, you can still get setup AND get our first subscriber in less than 24 hours.

Now, you may be wondering…

How Comprehensive Is Building Big Email Lists Like The Big Dogs?

This is a brief snapshot of what you are going to learn in this course…

  • Real List Building Success? – Learn the secrets of not only building a list but doing it fast, doing it right, and doing it profitably.
  • A New Approach To Subscriber Getting – here you are going to learn the unconventional, yet highly effective system the big dogs course shows you for building a list.
  • Getting Results Fast – need subscribers now? learn how to generate your first subscriber within 24 hours and how to create a snowball effect of subscribers!
  • Promoting You – how to sell yourself so that people want to hear from you and so they are receptive to trust you and make a purchase either now or sometime in the future!
  • Reason Why For Subscribers- give your subscribers the ultimate reason to subscribe to your list and to stay subscribers for life using this easy to implement tactic.
  • Effective Game plan – create a plan that helps you achieve your list building goals whether it’s a list of 500 or a list of 50,000!
  • Traffic To Your List Page – the simple way to generating highly qualified visitors to your subscription page!

Are you ready to build a list like the big Dogs and profit like the big Dogs?

If you just follow the simple steps in the videos you are about to download, you are going to be well on your way to a profitable e-mail list in no time.

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