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Learn how to automate business tasks using excel shortcuts to organize data and tracking with our 10 part business spreadsheet hacks video course.

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Announcing a Brand New 10-Part Video Course

“Discover the Business Spreadsheet Hacks that Will Automate Your Business Using Excel Shortcuts… Starting Today!”

This video course was designed to give you a comprehensive yet simple step-by-step guide and exercise workbook for your business needs. It is filled with business spreadsheet tips and shortcuts to make your work life almost effortless!

Are you looking for a way to automate your reports, organize your data, and track it all with ease? No matter what kind of business you have, you can create reports, trackers, tables, charts, diagrams, and much more using just one simple program.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets – everyone wants to learn it, and everyone wants to be good at it. There is no other tool out there that can do everything Excel can. It’s simply amazing. But if you’re like many people, opening an Excel spreadsheet causes your mind to immediately go blank. Or maybe you’ve used it before, but decided to stop because of all the complicated commands and numerous buttons to navigate to.

If this is you, then you may be asking yourself:

  • Where exactly do I start?
  • How can I learn all these complicated formulas?
  • Which functions would be the most useful for my business needs?
  • How do I extract my data to an Excel worksheet?
  • How can I use Excel to track and organize my reports?

You don’t have to be an analyst or technical expert to learn how to use Excel and apply it to your business needs. This video course can teach nearly anyone how to use Excel like an expert.

Once you complete the video course, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve been missing out on by not using Excel for your day-to-day needs. You’ll find that it helps you to work faster, and makes your job easier and your life more convenient. Imagine extracting, organizing, sorting, and customizing your data, all in under 1 minute.

Video by video, step by step, I will break down the essentials for you, translating it into layman’s terms so you won’t have to go through lengthy textbooks or manuals to try and figure out what the technical terms mean. I will show you the shortcuts you need to become Excel savvy in very simple, basic terms.

Introducing… Business Spreadsheet Hacks 10 Part Video Course

Here’s a breakdown of this 10 part video series in more detail.

Video #1 – Introduction (6min 50sec)
Before we go through the exercises and dig deeper into the video course, I will first give you an overview of what to expect. This will make it easier for you to absorb and apply the following information.

Video #2 – Excel 101 (9min 19sec)
In this video, you will be given a layout of the exercise workbook intended to help you throughout the video course. You will also learn the basics of Excel so that you can understand the program if you’re a beginner, or to simply refresh your knowledge if you’re a current or previous user.

Video #3 – Customizing Worksheets (3min 06sec)
Sorting is one of the most widely used functions of Excel. In this video, you will learn techniques to quickly sort and organize your data.

Video #4 – Adding Fully Automated Customized Formatting – Part I (5min 49sec)
Automating customized formats on your spreadsheet can make life so much easier since you only have to do it once. Thus, I will teach you very specific shortcuts you can apply to help automate your reports and trackers.

Video #5 – Pricing and Niche Continuity Models (10min 49sec)
One of the biggest questions people ask me is, “How should I price my continuity program?” To answer this, I’m going to is show you different types of continuity models so that you can replicate and follow them.

Video #6 – Adding Fully Automated Customized Formatting – Part II (5min 12sec)
In this video, we will go more in depth on how to automate your reports and trackers. By the end, you’ll be able to automate all sorts of processes like a professional!

Video #7 – Extract the Information You Need – The Fast Route, Part I (6min 40sec)
There are more ways to automate your business by using features that can extract the specific information you need. This video will show you the best techniques to make the extraction of this information faster and easier.

Video #8 – Extract the Information You Need – The Fast Route, Part II (6min 36sec)
Here, we will dive deeper into more ways to extract and manipulate your data. I will show you a unique Excel feature to tweak your data and make it more relevant to your specific business needs.

Video #9 – Extract the Information You Need – The Fast Route, Part III (4min 01sec)
Finally, you are getting closer to automating your business with these helpful techniques and shortcuts. In this video, I will show you another useful Excel feature that will help you find the information you need faster than ever before.

Video #10 – 15 Quick Excel Functions You Wish You Had Always Known (20min 08sec)
The last video of this series will show you 15 useful quick functions of Excel that will save your hours of work using manual computations. I will give you clear and detailed explanations and demos of these incredibly useful hacks.

Don’t wait any longer to automate your business. Grab this video course and be free from tedious manual computations, shortening the time you spend from hours to minutes—beginning today.

Discover the ultimate spreadsheet hacks that will finally show you how Excel shortcuts can automate your business.

This training course was designed to give you a comprehensive yet easy step-by-step guide on how to use Excel for your business needs.

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