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Learn how to setup your Clickbank account and get your products and websites approved for the marketplace with out 2 hour Clickbank approved video series.

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Learn The Coveted “It Factor” That Gets Your ClickBank Product Approved Fast & Selling Even Faster!

You’ve Decided that you’re finally ready to setup your own ClickBank product. Great, But how do you get started without being a programmer or computer genius?

Getting Setup with ClickBank can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. But there is a solution…

Everyone knows about ClickBank and most people want to setup their own product on they’re reputable & cash creating marketplace.

Sadly, most people just have no clue what it takes to get your product web site setup, let alone selling on CB.

If this is you, you are about to learn how everyday people, completely new to ClickBank are setting up products WITHOUT the headaches!

Read this letter and learn how you too can have your product setup fast, efficiently, and in a manner that cultivates sales!


You’ve decided that you want to take the plunge and setup your own product on the worlds biggest marketplace for digital product sellers.

Everyone knows how important ClickBank is when it comes to selling digital products on the Internet and everyone has purchased a product through ClickBank at some point in their time online.

The problems arise when you actually want to setup your product so that you can launch and start seeing those sales come in.

Do you actually know how to setup your ClickBank product so it gets approved fast?

Have you seen the inside of a ClickBank merchant account and navigated around the administration settings?

Do you have any clue how to set your product up so that ClickBank accepts it and you can start accepting payments?

Most New Marketers have no clue what it takes to setup and use ClickBank to sell Their products online!

When it comes to setting up your product on ClickBank, you may not know the ropes of getting your product setup and accepted.

In fact, the majority of people with ClickBank accounts never get their product setup and approved because they just don’t know what to do!

Sure, ClickBank is the biggest 3rd party merchant provider on the Internet but that doesn’t mean that the system is easy to understand.

Many people pay a small fortune to programmers or outsourcers to setup their product on ClickBank. This probably isn’t what you want to do.

As you can probably imagine, the last thing you want to encounter when you’re ready to sell your product is a huge roadblock preventing you from doing so!

In this letter, you are going to learn how to completely destroy any of these roadblocks so that you can take the easy path to ClickBank success AND profits!

UPDATE! – The Credit Card Standards Have Just Changed Affecting ClickBank, You, AND Your product!

While the complication that we’ve talked about previously is certainly something to think about, the biggest thing that you need to be concerned with has nothing to do with technical problems!cd

CA CdThe credit card industry just made major changes to the type of products and billing that are allowed by merchants and third party merchants alike.

This means that you have to be REAL careful how you sell your product or you could end up getting banned!

ClickBank already had a hard approval process for each product prior to these changes but now their approval process has become more strict!

Many ClickBank merchants have had their products removed and their accounts banned all together!

Do You Know What It Takes To Actually Get “ClickBank Approved?”

Now that you know that there have been major changes to the credit card industry as a whole and that you have yet an additional roadblock there, what are you going to do?

Do you know what it takes to get approved to process live sales on ClickBank?

I’ve personally been witness to people who have submitted their product to ClickBank after going through the process of setting it up only to be denied. Worse yet, I’ve seen people be denied multiple times!

Some people get denied and they ditch ClickBank. That’s a huge mistake!

You need to know how to follow the rules while still setting your product up for maximum success. No red flags!

Following the rules can be difficult because there is a lot of fine print, unspoken assumptions, and hoops to jump through when working with ClickBank.

You have to remember that your product is reviewed by a human. Humans get irritated, bored, lazy, etc on any given day which could result in your product being denied!

This is why it’s vital that you do all of the RIGHT things with your product setup to ensure speedy acceptance.

“Okay, Great! There’s complication, hoops to jump through and new credit card guidelines. Am I Really going to be aBLE to get approved?”

I know that some of the things that I’ve talked about may seem like they are there to pull you down, everyone thinks that at first.

Sure, there are some hoops to jump through as well as working with getting approved and setup but it doesn’t have to be so complicated!

While many people are overwhelmed, there are a ton of people who HAVE done it and have done it quickly, easily, and without knowing a bunch of technical stuff.

Over the years, I’ve personally setup tons of products on ClickBank while getting easily approved and doing so quickly.

In fact, it’s become so easy for me that I can setup a ClickBank product in a matter of minutes and submit it without any question that it is going to be approved the first time, every time.

If you know all of the ins and outs of doing everything just how ClickBank wants, there’s no reason that you too can’t be approved without hassle or having to redo things over and over again as well.

Why is it so important to use ClickBank when selling a product online?

is it really the best merchant provider and will it make a difference on my overall sales numbers?

Many people wonder if setting up with ClickBank is the best choice for their business. Let me assure you, YES!

ClickBank has an extremely big digital marketplace. There are literally tens of thousands of products that are for sale at any given time.

There are two huge benefits to using ClickBank…

  1. The digital marketplace is so big that it draws in tons of shoppers that are looking for products to buy and download. This means that once your product is in the marketplace, you will start getting some of that free traffic and some of those free sales!
  2. You gain more esteem in the marketplace by being listed with ClickBank because of the sheer size and authority of the site. People trust ClickBank and are comfortable searching and shopping there.

These benefits help you generate traffic, sales, and additional exposure for your product without having to do any advertising at all.

There are nearly ZERO third party merchant providers that are so big when it comes to shopping traffic which means that none of them offer substantial exposure for you!

ClickBank is in a league of their own here!

The Biggest Benefit Of Using ClickBank – Affiliates!

If you thought the benefits of getting exposure to your product as previously mentioned was a big deal, you were right!flat

However, there is a much , much bigger benefit that comes from using ClickBank – Affiliates!

CA FlatThat’s right! ClickBank also has a built in affiliate program in their merchant software and they have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of affiliates!

That means that when you setup your product and get it approved, you automatically have access to all of those affiliates who can promote your product for you, bringing in more sales!

The best part is that you don’t have to do a thing to manage the affiliate program because ClickBank has all of this built right into your administration area and the ClickBank software itself.

They track all of the payments, they give your affiliates links to promote, and they even split the payments up and send your affiliates their checks each month.

Talk about a completely automated affiliate program!

“You Need To Know How The pro’s Do It..”

By now, you know that there are a few hurdles to be overcome when it comes to setting up your product on ClickBank and getting it approved.

You are also aware that those hoops are small in comparison to the huge benefits you get via additional exposure and affiliates in the ClickBank Marketplace!

So how are you going to get setup?

I am going to show you how I’ve personally setup a product by starting from the very beginning of setup, to getting approved and making money on ClickBank!

I’ve done this many times and I’m going to share that with you via an simple, step by step system that you can easily stick with.

Simple Account Setup! Easy Approval For Massive Marketplace Exposure!

  • High Quality Video training System Shows You Exactly What To Do!
  • Follow The Steps, Use Our Tips, Get Approved. it’s That Easy!
  • Make Sure You Get Exposure In The ClickBank Marketplace Fast!
  • How to work with ClickBank efficiently so they like you AND your product!
  • created with the ClickBank beginner in mind!

ClickBank Approved…

Setting up your own ClickBank product so you can get back to Internet Marketing and making money from the ClickBank Marketplace has never been so easy!

ClickBank Approved is a 2 hour video course that walks you through the process of setting up your ClickBank account as fast as possible, the RIGHT way.

You also learn how to work with ClickBank and do everything right so that they see your product, enjoy checking it out, and approve you quickly!

All you have to do is take each step as we show it to you and you are well on your way to getting your product up on ClickBank today!

I know that you’ve probably heard horror stories when it comes to people setting up their product on the internet for sale.

You may have even heard some about ClickBank because, let’s face it, ClickBank also has some hoops to jump through.

The good news is that you really CAN do this because we show you how in true “over my shoulder” fashion how to pull it off! You don’t have to guess on anything.

It’s just like having me in your home, hanging out, and personally showing you how to setup your product and do what ClickBank wants you to do.

It really couldn’t get any more personal, easy to do, or flat out fun to do, now could it?

What Kind Of Information Is In ClickBank Approved?

Here’s just some of what you’ll be uncovering in this video seminar course…

  • Vendor, Shopper, Affiliate – learn what each of the roles at ClickBank mean and how they affect your overall ability to profit with your product.
  • Vendor Requirements & Secrets – find out what it takes to setup your account fast and a few
  • Vendor tricks of the trade along the way.
  • Checklist Time – follow this simple checklist to get from the starting point to having your product ready to submit to ClickBank fast!
  • Prohibited items & Big No, No’s – what items you need to steer clear of and what ClickBank will blow up about. This will make sure that your product falls within the guidelines at ClickBank!
  • ClickBank Submission- here you will discover what you need to do to get your product ready for
  • ClickBanks approval team so that you have the best chance of a fast approval.
  • Sales Page requirements – the elements that your salesletter must have in order to be approved quickly and how to avoid being quickly rejected!
  • Proven Simple Process based on tons of successful ClickBank product approvals and launches!

Are you ready to join the ranks of successful ClickBank merchants?

You already know that ClickBank is essential in getting your product additional free promotion as well as getting affiliates to promote.

You could go with another merchant provider hoping for an easier setup but the fact is, they will probably be more complicated and you WON’T get the benefit of the affiliate base.

Are you ready to get started?

I sure hope so. ClickBank offers you an unlimited amount of affiliates and a ton of promotion as your business grows.

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