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Create A Product On DVD with Personal Use Only (UR)

Learn how to publish your own physical dvd products using the kunaki product fulfillment system and our create a product on dvd video series.

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Step By Step Video Instructions

It is a proven fact that there are big dollars in DVD products. now you can easily publish your own using free software

Trust me – anyone can do this!

For a long time Internet marketers have concentrated on digitally delivered products. There are a lot of reasons for this including instant gratification for the customer and ease of delivery for the merchant.

This is still very true today and every successful Internet marketer likely has a business that includes digital products.

Now let’s think about physical products delivered on DVD. The problem with this used to be the labor intensive part of creating the DVD and getting it shipped. On the other hand, the good thing about products on DVD is that they have a far greater perceived value and you can in fact sell them for more money. Some people also prefer to have something tangible when they make a purchase, so a DVD fills this need as well.

Now here is some good news for you! All of the work that used to have to go into creating a DVD product has been eliminated! You can now have a third party look after it for you for a price that is so low it is absurd.

This third party even gives you free software to help you create you DVD. You create it and the cover art and upload it to their server using this free software. The product will be shrink wrapped and delivered to your customer for you. You don’t have to do anything once it is all set up. They will even send you a free copy so you can see the quality of the product that is created.

Here is an image of the DVD I created in this video series.

Kunaki Product

Now you have a whole different world of opportunity that has opened up for you. (Think Amazon and CD Baby).

So now you can fill the needs of both types of customers – those that want instant access via download and those that want a physical product delivered to them. You can now double your prospects with a small one time effort!

Here is What You Will Learn In This Video Series

  • How to quickly create a product to sell
  • How to transfer that product to DVD using free software
  • How to create your own graphics for your DVD and cover.
  • How to create a quick site to sell your DVD’s from
  • and more……..

You really need to be creating your own products on DVD. It’s easier than you think! Now you have your chance to learn all about it for less than the price of a meal out.

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