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Announcing The Brand New, 6 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You How To Start Your Own Profitable Forum Community…

“Discover How You Too Can Start Your Own Forum Without Any Technical Knowledge… In Any Niche And Increase Your Profit’s From A Converting Community Starting Today…!”

As you already know, forums bring people together and relationships are formed. Those relationships can become business related, which is where you come in. You’ve seen how popular message boards get, yahoo answers, facebook, twitter, and more are examples of explosive interaction. Now we’re not going to dive into social networking here, but my point is that those forum owners can usually sell advertising or make some good revenue from a strong community no matter how large it is.

No matter what type of forum you run and what niche you are in, there are many ways to earn money with it. Think of how many forums start out even without the idea of making money and can have so many advertisers begging them to put their ads on their site. Or think of how many affiliate related or CPA related offers you could put on the forum? A forum is kind of like an email list, except you have stronger relationships and a lot more interaction, so the conversions can be huge.

However, have these thoughts gone through your mind?

How do I create a forum from scratch?
How do I know if my niche is going to be profitable or not?
What is the brainstorming process to creating a good plan so my forum will produce revenue in the long run?

If you can relate to any of these, then…

You Need To Watch This “Forum Niche Goldmines” Video Series!

In this video series, you’ll have access to 6 content packed videos that will show you how to create your own forum from scratch and build a community. These videos are created with a simple and straightforward approach so you can learn the exact steps you can take to take action and get your forum up and running the same day!

Video #1. Finding A Niche Topic For Your Forum and Planning Ahead (10m 36sec)

The success of your forum points to the planning in your beginning stages for that good niche topic. This will get your forum indexed by the search engines in that niche and will attract your main audience. There are several questions that you’ll want to ask yourself to figure out whether there is a market out there. We’ll look at these specific questions so you can find your niche forum topic and start brainstorming how your forum will produce revenue and build a community.

Video #2. Selecting a Forum Script and Finding Web Hosting (11m 29sec)

There are many free forum scripts out there, some that have been around for over 9 years. But which ones should you choose? You’ll be given an overview of the many free forums as well as forums that cost some money. Did you also know that large forums tend to take up a good amount of server resources? Even so, that is no excuse to not create one. You’ll learn how to find web hosting that is not only cheap, but that will fit your needs.

Video #3. How to setup phpBB using cPanel and changing the style (11m 15sec)

While a number of forum scripts will be available to you, in this video you will learn specifically how to install phpBB, which is a highly recommended forum with over 9 years of serving forum owners. To create your uniqueness from other forums, you need to have a good look. In order to have a unique look, you need to customize your phpBB forum style. But how do you do this? It’s really not that hard and you’ll learn just that in this video series.

Video #4. phpBB Forum Features and How to Use Them (14m 04sec)

It wouldn’t be good just to show you how to install a forum script w/o showing you how to use it right? Once you have setup your forum, you’ll need to access your administrative control panel, which will give you full access to edit and change your forum. We’ll go through the different options that phpBB offers so you can understand how to use it and customized the settings for your own liking.

Video #5. Building Your Community Content: Content Content Content (5m 04sec)

We all know when you initially build your community you need interaction. But to even get to that point, there are several things you need to do, such as publish some basic content in your threads. It’s been known that people usually don’t respond to empty threads, but respond to content or posts that are already there. You’ll learn how to plan your categories and forums so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. You’ll also learn how to motivate your members, which keeps the interaction moving.

Video #6. Marketing Your Forum to Build a Community (6m 24sec)

Now that you’ve created your forum and you’re ready to go, let’s start marketing! One thing to make a note of, is before you even think about marketing your community, you should have at least some interaction going on, otherwise people will come and just leave. That’s one of the many tips you’ll learn in this video series. It’s often easy to go all out and try all types of marketing methods, but the secret is to start small. Go to places where people are already interacting in your niche and build from there.

Forums are places where relationships are grown, take action today and start one of your own!!

Forum Niche Goldmines isn’t like just any other video series product. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start your forum. You’ll be able to do it all the same day too!

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