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Get Subscribers With Leadpages

Get Subscribers With Leadpages with Personal Use Only (PUO)

Learn how to get subscribers with leadpages and possible high conversions with your quality traffic utilizing the best possible landing pages,
(Basic and Advanced Editions)

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This is how to boost your optin rate…

Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Start Collecting Subscribers Using Leadpages.

Leadpages should play a vital role in your email marketing campaigns. You can even create landing pages to send customer directly to offers.

Though, more often than not, Leadpages is used as a means of growing an email list.

Everyone knows that converting cold traffic is quite difficult.

The way you turn cold traffic into a customer is by warming them up first.

Using a service like Leadpages to create a landing page that gets someone to join your list is how you warm them up.

Creating The Perfect Landing Page With Leadpages Is A Snap

Landing PageIt is when you know all the bells and whistles the site has to offer. You can’t possibly know it all within just a few days.

Sure, you can learn the ropes and understand how it works. It’s going to take so much more than that to make the most out of the site.

It’s something that you really can’t do on your own. Yes, you can create your own landing pages without any outside help.

But, what you’re trying to do is have the highest conversion rates possible. For this to happen, you’ve got to know Leadpages like it’s the back of your hand.

Boost Your Conversions And Profits

Landing Page OrganizationAll it takes is a few tweaks here and there. You’ll be amazed by what you’ve been doing wrong. No one is a pro right out of the gate.

It takes not just practice, but the skills of others to pull something like this off.

Too many times new online marketers think there’s something wrong with the concept that they don’t know it all.

For whatever reason, they think it puts their very being in question. You could be a seasoned pro and still have plenty to learn about Leadpages.

A service as excellent as this has a learning curve and there’s no way around it.


Get Subscribers With Leadpages

Learn From The Pros

We’ve been using Leadpages for quite some time. It’s one of our favorite ways to make landing pages.

We love the fact that you can literally make a landing page within minutes. You’ll be able to do that too after watching our videos.

It won’t take you long at all until you’re able to crank out high converting landing pages.

The reason you can’t do it now is that you’ve been trying to learn on your own.

You may have been able to teach yourself a few things, but there’s obviously so much more to learn.

GSWL Bundle

High Conversions Are A Possibility

Low conversions are a waste of quality traffic. Even a slight increase in the percent of people joining your list can make a huge difference.

The way you milk the most conversions out of your traffic is by building the best possible landing pages.

Not only will we teach you how to use Leadpages, but we’ll also show you how to create landing pages that convert.

The information included in our videos will change the very way you think of email marketing.

The results will be more subscribers, and that can mean more sales in the long run.

This basic package includes 20 videos.

Here they are:

  • Video #1: Overview
  • Video #2: Pricing and Account Opening
  • Video #3: Affiliate Program
  • Video #4: Set Up Your Autoresponder
  • Video #5: Set Up Your Webinar
  • Video #6: Set Up Your Lead Magnet
  • Video #7: Set Up Your Branded Domain
  • Video #8: The Lead Pages Drag and Drop Template System
  • Video #9: The Lead Pages Template System
  • Video #10: Creating Pages From Scratch
  • Video #11: Lead Gen Wizard – Newsletter or E-Course
  • Video #12: Lead Gen Wizard – Free Guide Page
  • Video #13: Lead Gen Wizard – Webinar Event Page
  • Video #14: Lead Gen Wizard – Free Consultation
  • Video #15: Sales Page Wizard
  • Video #16: Business Page Wizard
  • Video #17: Business Page Wizard – Thank You Page
  • Video #18: Business Page Wizard – About Me Page
  • Video #19: Business Page Wizard – Coming Soon Page
  • Video #20: Conclusion

GSWL Advanced Bundle

Here’s What You’ll Learn In These Upgraded Video Series:

  • How to work with the advanced features and make the best of it.
  • How to become more efficient in your daily activities and speed up your output using this platform.
  • Learn the smart way to make things happen fast as the experts do with some key features of this service.
  • Learn how to reduce frustrations and time-consuming activities by applying my practical advice when using this service.
  • How about automation? Learn the simple tricks and tips we use to get it done.
  • Master every aspect of this service so that you can train other people how to use it as it.
  • Stay at the top of your competition and keep your business ahead of the learning curve.
  • And so many more…

The advanced package includes 20 videos

Here they are:

  • Video: #1: Overview
  • Video: #2: Set Up WordPress Plugin
  • Video: #3: Conversion Tools – Pop Ups
  • Video: #4: Conversion Tools – Alert Bars
  • Video: #5: Opt-In Texts – Part 1
  • Video: #6: Opt-In Texts – Part 2 – Testing
  • Video: #7: Trigger Links – Part 1
  • Video: #8: Trigger Links – Part 2 – Testing
  • Video: #9: Set Up Your Payment Gateway in Stripe
  • Video: #10: Set Up A Payment Gateway With PayPal
  • Video: #11: Zapier Integrations
  • Video: #12: Live Example – Autoresponder Connection
  • Video: #13: Live Example – Lead Manget Connection
  • Video: #14: Live Example – Opt-In Page and Text Opt-In
  • Video: #15: Live Example – Sales Page Connection
  • Video: #16: Live Example – Payment Gateway Connection
  • Video: #17: Live Example – Conversion Tool Alert Bar
  • Video: #18: Live Example – Webinar Connection
  • Video: #19: Live Example – System Test
  • Video: #20: Conclusion

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