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High Converting OTO Secrets

High Converting OTO Secrets with Master Resale Rights (MRR)
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Learn how to strategically increase your customer lifetime value and boost your income with the high converting one time offer secrets course.

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“Strategically Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value and Boost Your Income with No Extra Effort!”

The idea of using One Time Offers is becoming more popularly preached among Internet Marketers. (In fact, you are seeing one right now) Everything you see on this page now is a result of walking our talk in this audio session. In the past, we have achieved high conversion rates with One Time Offers – often going as high as 33 – 43% to even hitting 50% – where every 1 in 2 customers actually picked up our extra offer!

High Converting One Time Offer Secrets isn’t about anything you already know so well about and after scouring over various other courses and offline seminars on the same topic, we learned a technique and school of thought different from the rest, and most importantly, the formula for a high converting OTO has been finally discovered and distilled into just a few minutes of audio recording… rather than a 400 page text book!

In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • How to craft the ideal One Time Offer – strive to convert 2-4% for cold prospects; 20-40% for paid customers!
  • The 5 secret ingredients to creating a One Time Offer that converts like crazy! At least 3 of these insider methods have not been discussed anywhere else.
  • Case Study of a REAL One Time Offer in effect that produced a 49.3% conversion rate!
  • 4 profit-pulling ideas on types of One Time Offers you can create for your Front-End products. You will also learn why, for many reasons, we don’t encourage putting a careless stack of rehashed Resell Rights products as your One Time Offer.
  • A list of third party scripts and software we have tested that can do One Time Offers – a full range of scripts, at least one is bound to match your business and marketing needs.
  • How to save from losing sales at One Time Offer – an insider technique to saving lost sales from One Time Offer (and do it legally and ethically!)
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