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Integrate S2member With JVZoo

Integrate S2member With JVZoo with

Learn how to integrate S2Member with JVZoo the trusted affiliate marketplace and to help in recruiting an army of affiliates and explode your sales.

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Having a popular membership site is a great way to earn lots of recurring income.

Recruiting an army of affiliates is an essential part of exploding your sales.

Use a trusted affiliate marketplace like jvzoo to look after your affiliates and give yourself a huge leg up over your competition.

S2Member and Jvzoo IntegrationSetting up a membership site has gotten a lot easier over the last year. Not only that, it has gotten a lot cheaper! (Think free!)

If you have never set up a membership site before, you should give S2member a try. It is very powerful and it is free. It offers up to four paid levels and a free level, plus file protection and a whole lot more.

The only issue with the free version used to be that it did not integrate easily with a third party affiliate program. You had to set up your own affiliate program and integrate it that way, or pay a programmer to integrate it with a third party.

Having a third party looking after your affiliate program gives you a lot more credibility with your affiliates, not to mention you do not have to look after paying the commissions.

However this is no longer an issue. You can now integrate your membership site with JVZoo!

There are many advantages to using JVZoo as your affiliate system for your S2member site:

  • Offer your affiliates instant commission payments
  • Instant credibility with your potential affiliates
  • Automated billing and commission payments
  • Manually or automatically approve your affiliates
  • Control how affiliates are paid.
  • Fully integrated with the S2member levels

Just by integrating this platform with your membership site you are bound to increase your profit’s.

This four part video series will take you through the whole integration process.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to do a basic S2member setup
  • How to set up your JVZoo products for your first level
  • How to set up your other levels in JVZoo
  • How to integrate Custom Capabilities into JVZoo
  • How to set up a protected OTO in S2member and JVzoo
  • and lots more…

Wait a minute – there’s more! I am going to give you my custom code that I wrote myself to create a true one time offer in S2member and JVzoo. This is a valuable bonus!

Get Access To These Videos Now and Get Your Membership Into the JVZoo Marketplace.

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