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“Earn Big Bucks With Everyday Knowledge YOU Take For Granted”

Step By Step Video eCourse Reveals Methods For Huge Profit From Your Knowledge Even In The Depths Of Recession

Do you find the online marketplace difficult to do business in?

Or would you like to find another almost untapped stream of income?

One which will pay top dollar for all that information sat in your head from your time as an Internet Marketer?

With the entire global economy in recession, companies all over the world are desperately searching for ways to stay in business.

They are screaming out for help to find new customers, to reduce their costs and to increase their profits.

With more and more companies folding every single day, this information is of vital importance to them and something they will pay top dollar for.

Did you realize that in your head is information is what these companies are after?

Offline companies are finally waking up to the Internet revolution and realizing that the Internet can help them compete on a national and even international market without having to take the risk of expanding their business.

Because of this, they are looking for experts to show them how to use the Internet to the benefit of their business.

But the question is, how do you step into this role and take advantage of this business opportunity?

You Are An E-Commerce Consultant!

The answer is this brand new Video eCourse, Offline Treasures.

This step by step Video eCourse has been specially created to show you how you can profit from the offline marketing revolution.

With companies near you waking up every day to the power of the Internet, they are clamoring for someone like you to come in and show them how to make money from the Internet.

The trouble is, they don’t know how to do this.

They create a website, often paying thousands of dollars more than they need to and then realize that the Internet isn’t as easy as they thought.

Their site is poorly optimized, slow to load and often doesn’t rank in the search engines.

Web designers, whilst able to create a website, often do not understand the basics of SEO.

Anyone who can walk into one of these companies and show them how to increase their profits using the Internet will have them eating out of their hand!

The great thing is, the Offline Treasures Video eCourse will show you exactly how you can do this!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran marketer or relatively new on the scene, you can easily have the skills to help these companies make money online and so make money yourself!

Fortune 100 Consultant Reveals …

As a consultant to companies in the Fortune 100 in a previous career, I have worked with a lot of offline companies and know exactly what they want.

Having created highly profitable websites and services for these companies, I know what they are looking for.

And all this information, and more, is in the Offline Treasures Video eCourse.

It has been designed to not only show you how to make money offline but to help you understand how offline companies work so that you can make some serious profits!

Many marketers would go in to an offline company and attempt to sell a service.

The Offline Treasures Video eCourse shows you this is not the way and there is a way by which you can not only sell a single service, but sell again and again and generate fantastic streams of passive income.

In fact, it isn’t even selling at all when it comes down to it!

This Video eCourse is jam pack full of information designed to help you set yourself up as a successful offline marketer.

  • Learn how to sell without selling and increase your sign up rates
  • Find out the 6 things offline companies desperately want and how you can provide it
  • Discover 3 profitable business models you can use out of the box in offline marketing

Can I Really Be An Offline Marketer?

Absolutely, yes you can.

Offline marketing is literally a goldmine for the savvy marketer.

Yes, there is a recession going on, but so many of these companies are folding that those that are left are looking for any way to increase their profits whilst reducing their costs.

And this is where the Internet (and you) come in.

If you can get these companies online and share the knowledge in your head that you take for granted you will help these companies to increase their profits and share it with you!

These companies are desperate for someone to come along and show them how to do it, or even better, do it for them! Someone who isn’t going to scam them, over charge them or rip them off.

The savvy offline marketers are quietly making a small fortune every month just by dealing with companies in their local area.

A Step By Step Guide To Offline Marketing

The Offline Treasures Video eCourse will tell you everything you need to know to set yourself up in business as an offline marketer, from what companies are looking for, to how to set your prices to step by step business models you can use to earn from.

By now, you are curious what you will learn in your step by step video course …

Video 1 – Introduction (9min 20sec)
Understand why offline marketing is such a great business model, even in the current bad economic climate
See what you will learn in this Video eCourse

Video 2 – Doing Business Offline (12min 49sec)
Learn what is it like to do business offline
Understand how offline marketing differs from marketing online and how to quickly adapt to this new market

Video 3 – What Do They Want? (17min 06sec)
Understand what offline companies are looking from you
Learn 6 things every offline company is desperate to have

Video 4 – Monetization Methods (11min 06sec)
Learn the many different ways to monetize your offline business
And see how your knowledge will turn into dollars

Video 5 – Getting Business 11min (20sec)
Learn what it takes to get business offline
And what you need to do in order to get companies eating out of your hand

Video 6 – Simple Business Model (10min 34sec)
See a simple business model you can use to make money offline which works incredibly well in any market

Video 7 – Offline Niche Marketing (8min 08sec)
Discover two powerfully effective techniques which can get companies literally biting your arm off for you to do business with them

Video 8 – Offline Marketing Method (9min 31sec)
Learn a simple offline marketing method that you can use to easily create a passive income that will increase every month

Video 9 – Pricing Your Services (14min 20sec)
Overcome the biggest problem many marketers face when trying to start an offline business
See some of the prices that companies are paying for your services

Video 10 – Making It Succeed (9min 28sec)
Learn what you need to do in order to succeed as an offline marketer
Get some great advice for making your offline business work

Video 11 – Summary (7min 02sec)
Understand what you need to do know to go forwards
And how you can make your very own offline fortune

You may be looking to increase your income or add additional streams of income to your business.

Offline marketing is perfectly suited to any Internet marketer, whether you are a veteran with years of experience or a new marketer who is still learning the ropes.

With the global recession deepening, more and more companies are turning to the Internet to reach out to more customers and increase their profits whilst reducing their costs.

You are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this need by sharing information that you take for granted. The knowledge in your head is something that these offline companies will pay top dollar to have!

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