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Organize Your Money With Quicken

Organize Your Money With Quicken with Master Resale Rights (MRR)

Discover how to organize your money with quicken and learn how to create financial statements while organizing your small business finances
(Basic and Advanced Editions)

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ATTENTION INTERNET MARKETERS: Ready to Start Using Real Strategy?

“Give Me Sixty Minutes And I’ll Show You How to Fully Organize Your Small Business Finances”

In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Use Quicken Home and Business To Create Easy To Use Financial Statements

You’ve come to this page because you’re want to be certain about how your business is doing and whether you’re truly profitable.A You’re probably tired of.

Using your cash to make a “quick buy” and forget to write down what you did…

Using your business account for personal and your personal for business

Or maybe you’ll be asked…Hey, do is your business making money right now?

And you start to wonder, because….you really aren’t sure…

Big Companies Use Financial Statements and….

There really is a reason that large companies, publically traded, privately held, start ups and long time business owners ALL rely on financial statements.

Some of the business that rely on these statements are online…some are offline…

In fact, many of the very businesses that rely soley on PayPal have one language they speak when it comes to how their business is doing…

You’re probably wondering, if that’s even possible when you’re first starting? Isn’t that only for businesses with CPAs on staff?

The answer is yes and no. It requires making sure that everything is recorded correctly. In some cases, it’s important to understand how something will impact the business before you decide to report it

Whether you have been struggling with making sure that you get the kind of tracking or the right kind of reporting, it’s possible to have financial statements just like any other company AND know what those statements mean

And putting them together wont take you long to learn, in fact, in less than 60 minutes you can be well on your way to understand enough accounting to give you a good look at your business and how it’s performing. This kind of training can stay with you for as long as you stay in business.

This means that you’ll know EXACTLY what to do in your business based on your financial position.

And you can do it over and over again.

Creating Financial Statements Can Be Easy

Whether you are just learning how to use financial software, or your an old pro, understanding how to use it to get organized is vital to help you to make the right decision for the right reason.

Think of what it would be like to look at something that you want to buy or something you need to invest in, and be confident as to what kind of impact it can and will have in your business. Once you understand the fundamentals of your financial statements, you can make solid decisions about everything you do in business.


Organize Your Money with Quicken

How to Use Quicken Home and Business To Keep Your Funds Organized

OYMWQ Bundle

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the course:

The Organize Your Money Video Course

What you’ll discover in these videos:

  • Using and Navigating Quicken
  • Working with Cash on Hand
  • Setting Up for PayPal
  • Categorizing Transactions
  • Part Business/Part Personal Transactions
  • Tracking Cash Purchases
  • Monitoring Cash Position
  • Tracking Mileage
  • Securing Your Data
  • Working with PayPal fo Business
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Working with Uncategorized Transactions

The main package includes 20 videos

Here they are:

  • Video #1: Getting Started With Quicken
  • Video #2: Which Version of Quicken Do I Need
  • Video #3: Navigating-Quicken
  • Video #4: Initial File Security Operations
  • Video #5: Set-Up Cash On Hand
  • Video #6: Set Up Paypal Standard
  • Video #7: Categorize Your Transactions
  • Video #8: Setting Up a Second Or Paypal Business Account
  • Video #9: Setting Up Checking
  • Video #10: Working With Uncategorized Transactions
  • Video #11: Categorizing Payments That Come Out Of Your Account
  • Video #12: Memorizing Payments and Payees
  • Video #13: Tracking Reciepts
  • Video #14: Accouting for Part Business Part Personal Tranactions Splitting Transactions
  • Video #15: Tracking Cash Purchases
  • Video #16: Monitoring Cash Position With Calendar
  • Video #17: Is My Business Profitable
  • Video #18: Using Your Mobile Device To Track Transactions
  • Video #19: Tracking Mileage In Quicken
  • Video #20: Is My Data Secure

You also get the advanced package which includes an extra 16 videos

  • Video 1: The Difference Between Accounting and Tax Statements
  • Video 2: Invoicing Clients
  • Video 3: Design Default Invoice
  • Video 4: Accounting For Receivables
  • Video 5: Crediting An Invoiced Client
  • Video 6: Working With Personal Funds To Purchase Business Items
  • Video 6b: Addendum Working With Personal Funds
  • Video 7: Issuing A Credit For Invoiced Customer
  • Video 8: Making Sales On An Affiliate Platform
  • Video 9: Creating Categories For Affiliate Sales
  • Video 10: Getting A Credit Card Loan
  • Video 11: Payment On The Credit Card Loan
  • Video 12: Outsource Expense
  • Video 13: Buying An Item For Resale
  • Video 14: Selling The Inventory Asset
  • Video 15: Tracking Your Bitcoin


Video MindMap

Use This Video as a Quick Reference As To What You Need to do To Succeed with the Course

So, Is It a Deal?

I know you’ll love the Organize Your Money with Quicken and get use from it month after month.


You’ll discover all the steps, tools and resources to help you finally succeed and get results! Click the Add to Cart button to get your copy today!

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