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Pixlr Instant Expert with Personal Use Only (UR)

Learn to become a pro graphic designer in only 3 days without photoshop, learn with the step-by-step pixlr instant expert video series.

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“Become A Pro Graphic Designer In 3 Days FLAT”

Even If You’re NOT Technical, NOT Artistic & You’re Getting Lost In Microsoft Paint!

Create Incredible Graphics To Your Sites In Minutes, With No Outsourcing, No Fiverr, No Headaches & No Photoshop! Take A Full Control Over Your Business & Save A Ton Of Money!

How would you like to learn the insider’s secrets how to become a pro designer in 3 days or less without using any expensive software like Photoshop?

I put together a brand-new exclusive course called “Pixlr Instant Expert” that was never released before. It’s the ultimate video training exposing how to use a free online graphic editing tool called Pixlr.com to create mind-blowing graphics EVEN if you’re not technical, not designer and not artistic in any way!

Introducing… Pixlr Instant Expert Video Series

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

Module 1: Pixlr Basics

  • Video 1: Using Pixlr – Discover how to access Pixlr and what kind of Pixlr tools are available. Again, Pixlr is a 100% free tool and it’s just a simpler version of Photoshop!
  • Video 2: Interface Overview – Learn what kind of tools are available in the interface and how to find them quickly so you can save time, be more productive and churn out amazing looking graphics in no time!
  • Video 3: First Steps – Let’s get busy! Here you’ll create your very first graphic design. You’ll see how easy it is to use Pixlr and what kind of jaw-dropping functionalities it has! Even if you’re “tech challenged”, you’ll be able to create a truly amazing graphic in literally minutes!

Module 2: Tools Overview

  • Video 1: Using Layers – Discover what layers are and how to use them correctly so you can work more efficiently, organize your designs better and save a lot of time.
  • Video 2: Adjustment Tools – Learn how to change the color of an image, manipulate the color balances, levels, contrast and so on! It’s actually pretty fun and you’ll see how easy it is to play with these tools. You’ll be able to edit your images like a pro designer!
  • Video 3: Image Filters – Discover how to blur, pixelize or sharpen an image with just few clicks of the mouse. Create a mesmerizing noise, glow or a 3D effect. Knowing filter tools will allow you to transform any boring looking image into a true masterpiece!
  • Video 4: Drawing Tool – Learn how to create rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses and lines. These basic shapes will be the fundaments of your upcoming headers, banners, landing page and other graphics you’ll be able to do.
  • Video 5: Brush & Pencil Tool – Discover how to effectively use brush & pencil tools to create stunning graphics so you can create better quality graphics that result in higher conversions.
  • Video 6: Text Tool – How to use a text tool, choose a specific font, change a font size and all that jazz. Learning how to use a text tool is extremely important as you’ll use it all the time.
  • Video 7: Layer Styles – How to add drop shadow, bevel, outer and inner glow to your layers to create unique effects. It takes just second to add the styles into your layers and they are quite magical!

Module 3: In Action

  • Video 1: How To Create A Header – Discover how to create a professional-looking eCover in less than 20 minutes that would cost you normally $50 or more!
  • Video 2: How To Create A Banner – How to create a highly persuasive banner to maximize your CTR and lower your ad spends
  • Video 3: How To Create A Logo – How to create authority-building logo design like a pro designer using few simple tricks
  • Video 4: How To Create An Ecover – Discover how to create an absolutely beautiful ecover graphic for your upcoming product!

I’m Going To Show You “Behind My Shoulder” How To Create These Amazing Graphics You’ll Be Able To Create In Just 10-20 Minutes Each!

Don’t delay… Hurry up, get inside this risk-free deal & start creating your very own graphics for free! No more expensive outsourcing, low-quality Fiverr or waiting!

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