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Discover How To Easily Record and Promote Your Podcast…Build Your Reputation To Celebrity Status!

Your Step-by-Step Video Guide to Branding Yourself As The Expert.

Podcasts are just audio files that you can listen on demand and anytime you want. They’ve been around for a while. Though in the last few years they have been increasing due to listeners adding them onto their ipods and mp3 players. You’ve probably created an audio lesson through means of recording yourself in a certain time of your life, so you’re likely experienced. But let’s take that online. If you haven’t created Podcasts online, then you’re obviously missing out on a ton of high converting exposure.

..and you may even be asking these very specific questions:

Don’t know how to record podcasts on your computer?
Don’t know how to get cool lead in music to add to your podcast?
Don’t know how to edit your computer audio files?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then…

Introducing… Podcast Profit System 7 Part Video Series

This video series will show you how to get ideas for your podcast, how to take the necessary action you need…record, edit, and promote your podcast. Most importantly you can watch and follow the video series step by step or pause it whenever you want. Yeah, and I could add this all to an ebook, but with a video, you’ll have the opportunity to follow everything as you see it. Now in this video series, you will have access to seven videos with high quality and detailed content.

Here are the seven videos:

1: Why Podcasting? …and Tools you need (13m 55sec)

So the big question is why Podcasting? …and of course how can it help brand you as the expert? Learn why this is and what the benefit’s are to creating podcasts for your business. You will also be shown the tools you need to successfully implement this system. All tools are free to keep your costs further down.

2: What will your Podcasts be about? Types of Podcasts (10m 28sec)

Once you understand what Podcasts can do for you and you’re excited, you’ll want to know how to find ideas and hot topics to talk about. You’ll be shown ways to do basic content research. You’ll also learn different types of podcasts so you know what you can do. You’ll be given different podcast scenarios which you can choose from. Each podcast type may require you to record things differently, so you will be well aware of that after viewing this video.

3: Creating An Outline (6m 36sec)

So by now you probably already know what you want to talk about in your podcast. But before you record, it you need to create an outline. Without an outline, your podcast will have more mistakes and you will stumble more often. That doesn’t mean you have to write out your podcast word by word, but you do need to jot down your ideas and organize them, so you in what order to talk about a certain key point. We’ll even give you a sample outline for podcasts that you can follow.

4: Recording your Podcast (9m 24sec)

Ok, great…you’re ready to record…now what? Remember how I said earlier that different podcasts will require different tools and different software? In this video, you will be shown how to record different scenarios of podcasts so that you are covered in those areas. This simple, yet straightforward video will walk you step by step through recording your podcast correctly.

5: Editing and Saving Your Podcast (9m 44sec)

So by now you’ve finished recording your podcast. It’s time to edit it. There’s no doubt that you will make mistakes in your first podcast. You’ll learn how to clean up your audio by removing white noise, deleting ums, pauses, stumbles, etc. Too many ums and pauses can make your podcast seem too unprofessional. You’ll also learn how to add music soundtracks to the beginning and ending parts of your podcast. Lastly you’ll learn how to export your completed podcast into mp3 format.

6: Promoting Your Podcast: Turn Your Blog Into a Podcast and make a RSS Feed (8m 10sec)

Did you know that you can turn your Blogger blog into a Podcast system? In this video you’ll learn how to do that. But what if you wanted to submit your podcast to other sites? If you wanted to do this, you will need to learn how to create a podcast RSS feed. So we won’t leave you in the dark and you’ll learn how to do just that using free website tools.

7: Promoting Your Podcast: iTunes, and Podcast Directories (3m 16sec)

In video 6, you learned how to create an RSS feed. With that uploaded to your website and the link handy, you can submit that to podcast directories of all sorts. In this video, you’ll be shown different podcast directories that you will want to submit to. The key is not to submit your podcast rss feed to every single directory, but to several of the top ones.

So, with that said, don’t walk, but run. Grab this podcast profit system now and use podcasts to market your business to the next level of success. Whether you are a newbie, technology phobe, or an experienced marketer,

You can view this video immediately after your purchase, so you don’t have to wait until I wake up or even if I’m in the gym working out, you can still download it instantly.

This is the most risk-free way start your Podcast success!

You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply all of these podcast techniques.

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