Private Customer Portals Using WordPress

Private Customer Portals Using WordPress


Learn how you can give your customers individualized customer service with their own private portal with our 5 part wordpress video tutorial series.

Learn how you can give your customers individualized customer service with their own private portal!

Now you can easily set up simple private portals for each customer. These are especially useful for service businesses where you manage customer projects. Keep the lines of communication open!.

One of the biggest challenges every business has is keeping the lines of communications open with their customers. This is true for businesses of all sizes from the one man shop to a multinational company.

Customer ServiceChances are that you have been on the wrong end of a bad customer service experience. I certainly have. Yet in most cases all it would take to satisfy the customer is to communicate with them.

Whenever I have had a bad customer service experience it was because I have heard nothing from the person / company that is supposed to be doing the job. I have to waste my time trying to get in touch with them and getting a status update. Does this sound familiar to you? I bet it does.

So imagine if you were constantly kept apprised of the project and you could look at the status at your convenience anytime, day or night. Would that give you a better experience and a warm and fuzzy feeling? Your darn right it would!

Now that you have thought about your own bad experiences, make sure that your customers don’t go through the same thing! Keep them updated and happy. Happy customers equals repeat business. (Ask me, I know).

So that is where setting up a customer portal comes in. You just set up a few pages for each customer, secure them (I will show you how), and set up their customer account. You can now communicate back and fourth right on the page using the built in WordPress comments.

Each private portal can be set up on the same WordPress install as the security and menus are looked after automatically. It takes only minutes to set up a customer, and then the portal is ready for you and the customer to use. It just couldn’t be any easier and more effective.

These are very simple customer portals made to communicate with your customers. These are not payment gateways or anything like that. We are keeping it simple!

Here is What You Will Learn In These Videos

  • How to install WordPress
  • Installing essential plugins
  • Setting up your portal
  • Securing pages
  • Creating menus
  • Child page security
  • Setting up the user flow
  • and lots more…….

Remember – having private customer portals can save you a lot of grief by keeping the lines of communications open and convenient for both parties. And it is all in writing and available 24 / 7 for everyone’s convenience!

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