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Now You Can Create Super Professional Information Products That Sell Like Gangbusters Using Nothing But Free Tools That Are So Simple A Child Could Manage It!

Are You Tired Of Just “Wishing” You Were Making Money Online?

Would you like to make that wish come true without a huge investment?

Are you tired of a new eBook coming out every week trying to sell you on a new fad?

Are you so confused and unorganized that you couldn’t even imagine beginning the process of creating a product?

If any of these questions describe your situation, you are in the right place and it’s definitely the right time!

Have you sat back on the sidelines watching tons of new people come out of no where with best selling products and wondered how they create products that get that kind of response?

Are you amazed at the sheer number of products that some publishers put out and do you wonder how they do it?

You surely want to find a way to get in on this booming trend so that you can start raking in some of the profit’s available.

I realize that with all of the questions that you probably have floating around in your head you just haven’t been able to get your feet set on the ground to creating a product.

This is why this letter is so important, You are going to learn how you can put all of those past worries and problem behind you.

The first thing you need to realize is that…

You DON’T Need An Expensive Course Or A Set Of 25 DVD’s To Learn How To Create Products…

Most of the gurus out there would have you believe that you need a huge, expansive course on how to create products.

Why do most of them recommend this?

Because it’s in their best financial interest to do so. You might be thinking “You’re basically calling them all out for hidden financial motives” and that’s absolutely accurate.

I’d even go so far to say that 99% of all Internet Marketing gurus have one of the following motives…

  1. They have created and sell a product on how to create products and they want you to pony up the cash to buy it.
  2. They have a “guru buddy” who has created a product on how to create products and he or she wants you to buy it so the get a commission on the sale.

The truth is, you don’t need any of this. You can learn to create products without an expensive course or a huge DVD set.

You might be wondering…

“What Really Creates A Product That Sells Thousands Of Copies?”

Chances are, this question has held you back from taking action for some time.

You probably see someone launch a product and see tons of people promoting it and talking about it in forums and wonder “how could I do what this person did?”

When you can’t formulate and answer right away, you give up, throw in the towel and think “I just don’t have what it takes to do something like that”.

This is where almost all “would be” product creators and authors stop before they’ve even started creating their product.

The truth is, what these people with the big successful products are doing isn’t really that hard.

In fact, if some of them would actually share their “real system” with you, you’d probably be amazed.

Creating a successful product requires some basic knowledge of a few tools and a few secrets or tricks of the trade if you will about creating products.

Testimonial #1
I wondered if I could ever create a product and make any money online for years. When I saw your system I grabbed it as the “last chance” I was going to take on creating income online.Boy am I glad I did! I now bank over 3k a month from just that one product and I have 4 more in the works!Thanks,
Juan Moetie, Corpus Christi, TX

“Can A Regular Person Like Me Really Create Products That Are Professional Caliber And Potential Best Sellers?”

I’m sure that you’ve had this question floating around in your head since you started reading this letter and I’m glad you asked it.

When most people read a letter like this they think things like “this isn’t for regular people like me” or “do I really have the skill to do what this person is saying?”.

The truth is anyone can do this. Now you do need some basic skills (and I do mean VERY basic). If you have the following skills you are more than qualified to create products that sell like crazy…

  • You Can Read And Write
  • You Know How To Surf The Internet
  • You Can Use A Word Processor Like Word
  • You Can Send And Receive E-Mail

If you have those basic skills, you have everything you need to learn the secrets that will get you started creating products that you can sell for big profit’s!

Which brings me to the outlet for all of these secrets…

The breakthrough new video tutorial The Step By Step Product Creation Video Tutorial will teach you how to create highly profitable products in no time!

Here is just some of what you are going to learn…

  • The Secrets To Planning Your Product – This section will show you how to plan your product so that it almost creates it’self! This is a huge stress eliminator!
  • 100% Free Tools To Create Your Products – You are going to learn how you can create ebooks, video courses, audio courses, etc all using free tools! You’ll even learn how to publish your own professional print book without any upfront costs!
  • Charts, Diagrams and Planning Aides – I’ve created some interactive and extremely helpful tools that will eliminate several of the stress factors in creating your product and make it fun and entertaining!
Testimonial #2
I really didn’t think that I could create a product that people would buy but after reading your letter I decided to give it a shot.I watched the whole tutorial through in one evening and I was pretty excited but didn’t take action until the next day.The next day I completed my audio product and wrote a salesletter using your formula and tools for both.I can’t wait to start selling it!Kurt King, Sedona, AZ

Content Outline Secrets – Here you will learn how you can literally have your product come to life without worrying about brainstorming. You’ll learn secrets to creating content outlines in minutes that make your products almost create themselves!

How To Use The Tools -This section will teach you how to create products using the tools that we recommend you use. These are quick, snappy and easy to follow tutorials so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put them into action!

A Huge Resource Guide! – You are going to get a huge resource guide with dozens of links to tips, tricks, tools and things that assist you in your product creation. This manual alone is worth the purchase price!

10 Step Salesletter System – While this isn’t a copywriting course, I did decide to include my hard hitting and easy to put to use 10 step copywriting system. It’s a quick read and is loaded with template sales copy that will allow you to put together a salesletter in just an hour or so. That means you’ll learn to create a product and the letter to sell it! *Note: This is contained in the 69 minute video product.

After seeing all of the benefit’s that are packed into The Step By Step Product Creation Video Tutorial, I’m sure you’re excited.

After all, I’m going to teach you my proven strategies for creating best selling products that you can sell online like clockwork.

This reminds of this well known quote…

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime”

I am teaching you to “fish” so that you can create as many products as you want to and I assure you, after you create one you will be hooked.

You can go on to create a huge product empire that pulls down a literal fortune for you month after month just by following the steps in The Step By Step Product Creation Video Tutorial.

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