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Profiting From Daily Trends with

Learn to use Google’s tools to find the latest hot trending keywords and how profiting from daily trends occurs with our 7 part video tutorial series.

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Let me show you exactly how to find hot trends using Google® and make some easy money on a daily basis. You may already know all about trends, but I will take the learning curve out of making the easy money and get you started in the next hour.

With these seven (7) videos you’ll learn…

  • How to quickly and easily find the hottest daily trends that you can profit from immediately.
  • One method for setting up a free website in minutes.
  • The simplest way to monetize your site so you can start earning today.
  • What are the easiest and fastest ways to get visitors so you can start earning more fast.
  • How to duplicate this method in literally minutes multiple times per day.

Below you will find a little history about Google Trends©. As I stated above, you are welcome to tackle the information found on Google, but this video tutorial will save you many hours and headaches…

Google Trends charts how often a particular search term is entered relative the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. The horizontal axis of the main graph represents time (starting from some time in 2004), and the vertical is how often a term is searched for relative to the total number of searches, globally. Below the main graph, popularity is broken down by region, city and language. It is possible to refine the main graph by region and time period.

Trend Main Graph

Trends also allows the user to compare the volume of searches between two or more terms. An additional feature of Trends is in it’s ability to show news related to the search term overlaid on the chart showing how new events affect search popularity.

Google Trends Compare

There are many search keywords that are quite seasonal, like summer camps, which strongly coincides with the end of the United States school year. Another good example is the increase of interest in niche subjects like “skin cancer” as summer approaches.

Trends Seasonal Keywords

There are also some search keywords that come up around a certain date each year. For example, searches for the Internal Revenue Service peak on April 15, the deadline for filing taxes in the United States. Another example is Thanksgiving. Most searches also seem to have some anomaly before or after Christmas each year, even terms that one would not particularly associate with the season.

On August 6, 2008, Google launched a free service called Insights for Search. Insights for Search is an extension of Trends and although the tool is meant for marketers, it can be utilized by any user. The tool allows for the tracking of various words and phrases that are typed into Google’s search box. The tracking device provided a more in depth analysis of results. It also has the ability to categorize and organize the data, with special attention given to the breakdown of information by geographical areas.

Here is a breakdown of the seven videos in this brand new tutorial:

  • Video 1 – How to use Google to find Popular and Hot Trends (8m 09sec)
  • Video 2 – Ideas for content, what to write about, from news stories to related blogs. (4m 23sec)
  • Video 3 – Setting up a blog for your new found money niche. (7m 24sec)
  • Video 4 – How to Monetize your blog and Squeeze out every penny. How to set up your ads for the best results. (10m 22sec)
  • Video 5 – Talks about getting traffic to your new blog from a few different sources. (7m 18sec)
  • Video 6 – Second installment that covers getting traffic, including social bookmarking for a large number of site easily. (9m 50sec)
  • Video 7 – Summarizes the process, rinse and repeat. (4:01sec)


Thanks for reading and be sure to grab your copy today.

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