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Publish Audiobooks With Amazon ACX

Publish Audiobooks With Amazon ACX with Personal Use Only (PUO)

Learn how to publish audiobooks with amazon acx while revealing the tools used to earn more cash with audiobooks fast.
(Basic and Advanced Editions)

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This is a huge opportunity…

Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Earn More Cash By Leveraging On Amazon ACX.

Audiobooks may seem like a blast from the past for some. You may be old enough to remember books on cassette tapes.

Amazon ACX is nothing like that at all.

Everything these days is digital, and you don’t need a cassette player to listen to audiobooks.

Some may call these items books on tape, but there isn’t any tape involved at all. There isn’t even tape involved when the audio is recorded.

It’s all digital, and that means delivery to the customer is almost instantaneous.

This Can Be Very Frustrating

Listen AudiobookYou’re here for a very simple reason.

All of this audiobook stuff seems so complicated. All you want to do is get your audiobook published.

No one can buy your audiobook if you can’t put it on the market. Don’t worry; the entire process isn’t as difficult as it seems.

The reason why it seems so difficult now is that you’re a total beginner.

Things like these take time to understand and also a little help.

No one becomes a top-selling audiobook author without some help along the way.

Tap Into The Amazon Goldmine

Anything Amazon touches turns into a goldmine.

Audiobooks are no different than everything else. It’s only a matter of understanding how to make the most out of their services.

It’s a challenging task to do on your own. You could spend countless hours doing nothing but researching online.

That would not only be a waste of your time, but it could be costly as well. It could be if you’re the person who’s writing your books.

If you are, then that time could be better spent writing new books.

Time is money, and you’ll lose plenty of it by searching the internet for information that may not even be accurate.

Learn From Experiences

Listen and LearnHow many times have you visited sites only to realize the author has no idea what they’re talking about?

Probably more times than you’d like to admit. You’re not going to have that problem with our videos.

You’ll notice right away that the author knows what they’re talking about.

They’ve published several audiobooks of their own and are familiar with the entire process.

No one can teach you how to do something if they themselves have no idea what to do.

We have found successful authors to produce our video series.

They have been verified and vetted to our satisfaction.


Publish Audiobooks With Amazon ACX

How To Earn More Cash With Audiobooks

There’s nothing like this video series.

Watch as I show you the how you can easily make more cash with your audiobooks by using Amazon ACX.

In this video training I reveal all my best tips to you on what I do and what are the tools I use to get it done fast.

There will be no guesswork.

All you need is just a short hour of your time to learn everything and you’d be ready to get started with it instantly.
PAWAA Bundle
It’s Fun And Entertaining

You’re not going to sit through a boring presentation.

You’ll actually enjoy watching our videos. Watching a dull and boring video never produces results.

You need to be able to enjoy the entire process to get something out of it. You’ll learn from our videos and enjoy the whole experience.

These aren’t dull and boring videos that will put you to sleep. They will keep you captivated with information that you can use.

Learning from our videos is easy to do, and they will help you become a profitable audio bookseller.

This basic package includes 20 videos.

Here they are:

  • Video #1: Overview
  • Video #2: Signing Up for An ACX Account
  • Video #3: ACX Requirements Page
  • Video #4: Hiring A Narrator
  • Video #5: Equipment Needed to Create Your Own Audio
  • Video #6: Layout of Your Manuscript
  • Video #7: Things to Remember When You’re Recording
  • Video #8: Recording Your Manuscript
  • Video #9: Recording and Editing Your Manuscript
  • Video #10: Processing Your Edits
  • Video #11: Opening Credit and Closing Credits
  • Video #12: Audio Sample Creation
  • Video #13: Claim and Upload Process
  • Video #14: Claim and Upload Process – Part 2
  • Video #15: Claim and Upload Process – Part 3 – Cover Art
  • Video #16: Claim and Upload Process – Part 4 – Final
  • Video #17: Start Your Author Central Account and Claim Your Book
  • Video #18: Your Author Page – Part 1
  • Video #19: Your Author Page – Part 2
  • Video #20: Conclusion


PAWAA Advanced Bundle

Here’s What You’ll Learn In These Upgraded Video Series:

  • How to work with the advanced features and make the best of it.
  • How to become more efficient in your daily activities and speed up your output using this platform.
  • Learn the smart way to make things happen fast as the experts do with some key features of this service.
  • Learn how to reduce frustrations and time-consuming activities by applying my practical advice when using this service.
  • How about automation? Learn the simple tricks and tips we use to get it done.
  • Master every aspect of this service so that you can train other people how to use it as it.
  • Stay at the top of your competition and keep your business ahead of the learning curve.
  • And so many more…

The advanced package includes 20 videos

Here they are:

  • Video: #1: Overview
  • Video: #2: Should I Use Rebrandable Content or PLR
  • Video: #3: Tools Needed
  • Video: #4: Stripping The Video Into Audio
  • Video: #5: Breaking Your Existing Audio Into Chapters
  • Video: #6: Narration and Edit of Chapter Headers
  • Video: #7: Noise Removal and Ending of Sounds
  • Video: #8: Saving the Chapter Project File
  • Video: #9: Rendering of Audios
  • Video: #10: Transcription of Audio
  • Video: #11: Edit Transcription
  • Video: #12: Kindle Upload
  • Video: #13: Edit and Publish on Kindle
  • Video: #14: Using a PSD Template for Kindle
  • Video: #15: Blog For Your Author Central Page
  • Video: #16: Your Influencer Page – Part 1
  • Video: #17: Your Influencer Page – Part 2
  • Video: #18: Run an Amazon Giveaway
  • Video: #19: Promotional Bounties
  • Video: #20: Conclusion

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Licensing Terms

This product comes with a Personal Use Only! (PUO) license.

[NO] You are NOT authorized to share/give away / sell any of the content materials within it.

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