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The Reselling WhizKid

The Reselling WhizKid with Personal Use Only (PUO)

Learn how to setup your very own business one day and start making profits the very next day with the step-by-step reselling whizkid video series.

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What Would You Say, If I Tell You, That You Can…

Start Your Own Business In As Little As 2 Days

If you are “really” tired and done with all the short-term marketing gimmicks out there, that promise you Instant Money… I think you would like what I have to tell you..

How’s it going?

I teach people about Social Media marketing (what I know of it), and help clients worldwide with Web and App Design Consultation.

Now, the Weird bit is, as amazing as it sounds, it didn’t start this way..

There were a lot of problems before I could even begin,

  • How to find Good Paying Clients.
  • How to Outsource “One” Particular Task.
  • How to manage things all on my own.
  • How to get the perfect price point.
  • And a lot more

And you know what was even worse?

Even before I knew that would get into Designing. I didn’t even know “what business” to get into.

I knew that I wanted to create a business of my own, but I wasn’t sure what and how to do it.

Eventually heard about a term called “Reselling”

And it grabbed my attention

A Reselling Business is basically, where you simply Resell the goods (for which you have rights to) or services of another Company or Person. Now, Reselling can have many types, like physical products reselling, digital service reselling, consultation reselling etc.

But, I wanted to keep things easier for me.

I went with Digital Services Reselling, and it was AMAZING.

Imagine being able to setup your own business in just a day, and start making profits from the next day.

Now, I am not going to show screenshots here, but instead share a Real Life Story, as to what I did long before this, and it would give you a better idea of what Reselling basically is…


Some years ago.. I wanted around $34 to buy the mid range Levis that just came out at the time.

But, unfortunately, I didn’t have that (yes, I did not have $34.)

So, I lived in an apartment on the Second Floor, and was standing on my balcony, and saw a few children, buy some Ice-creams

And I had an idea…

The next day, I bought around 10 cones of Ice-creams. each for around $1.50, in my local currency, and went to a different town, and sold those Ice cream cones to different children for $2 each (approx)

I made a profit of $0.50 per ICE CREAM

The next day, I did the same

And kept doing that until, I had sold close to 100 ice creams in 6 days Making a total profit of $50

That’s exactly what you would do as well… (but digitally)

So, let me introduce you… Reselling WhizKid

  • Learn the Basics of Reselling. The “rights” and the “wrongs” of it.
  • What are the easy to resell services that can make you BIG $$ every time you hit a new client.
  • Where to find the perfect services to resell.
  • How to do a bit of client research before contacting them.
  • What to say to convince your to-be clients 99% of the time.
  • (most importantly) WHERE to find those clients in a Cost Effective Way.
  • How and Why to Setup a Monthly Aim to Scale this Business.

I don’t want to give fake promises.

It DOES require some work on your end.

  • Have a Business Mindset
  • Consider this as a Real Business
  • Stay dedicated

If you keep the above 3 things in mind… I think this is the perfect business model for you

In the course, I talk about how to use Instagram to find effective clients.

Now, I personally believe that its an amazing social network to find some good paying clients.

Just because, Not a lot of people are using it

So, I am giving you some Bonus eBooks to take your Client Research On Instagram, to the next level.

RW Bonuses

  • Generate Organic Followers
  • Interact with followers and convert them to potential buyers
  • The “LLF” method
  • The Right Way to Use Shoutouts

I Want You To Take This Seriously. and Succeed

It has been a common misconception that to run a business, you need to be good at “everything”. It can’t be farther away from the truth You only need to be good at
something and be real good at it. And here, I am teaching you how to manage a group
of people who will do the work for you.

Many big industries use the word “outsourcing” as well. Now even though reselling
and outsourcing has a few differences in the concept, it still relies on finding 3rd
parties to do the work for you. All I am going to teach you is how to “outsource” the
complete base of your NEW BUSINESS

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