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Secrets to Doubling Your Freelancing Fee

Secrets to Doubling Your Freelancing Fee with Master Resale Rights (MRR)
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Learn how to double your fees with no extra work, no extra time or extra training with the secrets to doubling your freelancing fees video.

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“How to Double Your Fees with no Extra Work, no Extra Time and no Extra Training!”

There are many talents in the world of freelancing but why is it that there are those who are struggling to make a few bucks and make end’s meet? And then, there are those who are being paid DOUBLE the average fee set by the industry, yet being paid willingly by clients?

Secrets to Doubling Your Freelancing Fee reveals the little known insider methods to finding clients and get paid twice as much legally – without putting in extra effort, extra time or extra commitment on your part. And of course, do this without resorting to cheating anyone (because we hate that very much too).

In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • How to alter your position in the market – leave the basement price fighting scene and elevate yourself to a new class of clients!
  • How to quickly and easily get and pre-qualify clients – a simple under-the-nose method to getting the kind of clients you want to work with (and not those who want to milk your time and effort for what it’s worth in exchange for chump change!)
  • Easy negotiating tactics to doubling your freelancing fee without risking the client feeling cheated! And no, you don’t have to ‘add more hard work’ just to justify the price!
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