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How To Setup A One Time Offer

How To Setup A One Time Offer with Personal Use Only (UR)

Easily create your own profitable oto’s and increase your sales without purchasing expensive software with the how to setup a one time offer video series.

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Explode your earnings overnight. stop leaving money on the table by adding an autopilot income stream to your existing sales channels.

It’s as easy as falling on your butt to put this simple strategy in action. easy to follow step by step videos show you how.

You can easily increase your earnings by doing some one time work to set up an automated system. Let me explain.

If you are selling a product and a customer buys from you, you have an excellent chance of selling to them again during the same process. They bought from you just a moment ago so they are already in the buying mood. If you are not leveraging this situation you are leaving money on the table.

The same is true for potential customers that you gain while building your subscriber list. If you present them with an excellent offer right after they subscribe you have a better than average chance of making a sale.

The solution is to implement a One Time Offer.

A one time offer is exactly what it sounds like. You offer them something once and make them decide then and there if they are going to purchase it or not. This can be a very powerful motivation for them to buy. If they can not get this offer at a later date then if they have even the slightest interest they are far more likely to take advantage of the offer.

Here Are Some Free Tips On How To Set Up An Effective One Time Offer:

  • Make Sure It Is Related To Your Main Niche
  • Make Sure It Over Delivers Value Wise
  • Make Sure It Can Only Be Seen One Time By the Prospect.
  • Have an Attractive Page With Product Graphics

By making sure you have done all of the steps above you have a Guaranteed Money Maker!

I’ve Done All The Hard Work For You.

I have put together a three part video series that takes you through the whole process step by step. I have also included a SCRIPT that ensures the offer is shown only one plus a web template to add your products to. See the following picture.

SOTO Template

Once You Purchase This Video Series You Have Everything You Need To Start Setting Up One Time Offers And Exploding Your Profits

Don’t wait – grab your copy now!

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