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Set Up Your Product On ClickBank with Resale Rights (RR)
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Learn how to launch and set up your product on clickbank with our 5 part video tutorials. Sell with the internet’s largest digital marketplace.

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The most successful product vendors and affiliates are still making huge money on ClickBank.

You can set your product up on the hugely successful platform as well.

ClickBank LogoI will show you exactly how to integrate your digital product with the ClickBank system.

Having your own product to sell is a sure way to make good money on the internet. (Providing you have a quality product and have everything set up correctly).

One of the most important ways to add to your bottom line is to make sure you have a quality affiliate program set up. One of the most trusted and simplest to use is ClickBank. ClickBank automates everything for you once your product is set up.

Here are some of the things ClickBank Does For You:

  • Provides Your Affiliates With Their Own Links.
  • Provides Tracking For Vendors and Affiliates.
  • Pays Your Affiliates For You.
  • Pays You
  • Provides Payment Processing Through Credit Cards, E-Checks, And PayPal
  • Handles Delivery Of Digital Products
  • Handles Shipping Profiles For Physical Products
  • Handles Upsells and Downsells
  • and more!

Also ClickBank is trusted by affiliates because it is a third party. The vendor has no way to take commissions from the affiliate once they are earned. With an in house affiliate program the vendor is in control and if they are dishonest they can steal affiliate commissions.

Remember, the easiest way to make big money is to set up a quality product and get an army of affiliates promoting for you. ClickBank can help you get those affiliates!

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How To set up your ClickBank Account
  • How to add your first product
  • How to set up payment buttons
  • How to add your Upsell product
  • How to set up upsells/downsells (Pitch Plus)
  • How to integrate your Upsell flow
  • How to add your affiliate tools page
  • and lots more…

This video series is going to show you everything you need to know about getting your product launched on ClickBank.

Don’t wait – grab your copy now!

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