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SMF Video Tutorials with Resale Rights (RR)

Discover how to install, configure, and customize a simple machines forum with our 18 part step-by-step smf video tutorials video series.

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  • Overwhelmed by a Simple Machines Forum Installation?
  • Want to make your Forum one of a kind and the.. ENVY OF THE INTERNET?

Get Your Head Out Of Those Complicated and Confusing e-Books…

Discover How To Install, Configure, And Customize A Simple Machines Forum With These Simple, Easy-To-Follow Video Tutorials!

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of implementing a Simple Machines Forum on your own?

Have you ever thought, “I wish could just watch someone go through this step-by-step, without having to sort through lines and lines of tech-speak.”

Do you think you don’t know enough about programming languages to make it work?

You’re not alone. The programming world can be overwhelming with phrases like, “PHP”, “MySQL” and “SSI”, but it can also be very rewarding—SMF is one of the most flexible and secure free program platforms on the web today—you just have to know how to use it. Don’t let your inexperience steer you away—you can do this!

What would you say if I said you could learn everything you need to know to set up a Simple Machines Forum (SMF) without any prior knowledge? Even if you’ve never tried your hand at programming, I can teach you step-by-step in no time!

Learning the Ins and Outs of Simple Machines Forums is Easy with the Right Tools!

Imagine, everything you ever needed to know about setting up an SMF, all in one package. Even if you’ve never implemented an installation before, you’ll be up and running in no time. Think that sounds impossible?

Well, it isn’t if you have someone with experience and know-how on your side—someone who knows all of the ropes and can break it down into simple, easy-to-understand steps that anyone (yes, anyone!) can understand.

I have installed more SMFs than you can shake a stick at, and have been teaching people the basics of SMF implementation for years. In fact, I’ve never had a student who didn’t have a successful installation. I know the ins and outs of this system, and I know how to break it down to the most basic steps possible. You won’t get any glossing over with me—I cover every minute detail to ensure that you don’t get lost.

I have compiled everything I know that you will need to set up an SMF system in a step-by-step how-to video collection called:

Simple Machines Forum: Video Tutorials

Even if you are just getting started in process of installing a Simple Machines Forum, this collection is for you. This 18-volume collection packed with the perfect blend of knowledge, step-by-step instructions, and light humor to keep you from dozing off during the more technical steps.

Think it sounds too complicated and overwhelming for you to understand? That’s where you’re wrong—you can do it, I promise.

Other instructional materials, such as e-Books or page after page of documentation can be dull and hard to interpret. Not to mention they tend to assume that everyone is a master programmer and skip over important steps that may seem obvious to the more advanced user. No wonder people are overwhelmed!

These How-To Videos never assume you should know certain steps. We make sure to cover the minor details that tend to get left out, so that no one, even the most novice user, will get left behind.

Is SMF a total mystery to you?

That’s because you’ve never had anyone to walk you through it. Now you do. Our videos show you how easy it is to implement an SMF—we make it seem like a walk in the park! Everything you really need to know about setting up and understanding your SMF is explained in simple, easy to understand terms.

Everything from tricky installs to customizing the look and features to adding games are covered and explained in easy-to-follow terms.

Here’s what will happen when you use the Simple Machines Forum video tutorials

  • You will have a Simple Machines Forum up and running—with less effort!
  • You will maneuver through tricky installs with the greatest of ease
  • You will no longer be overwhelmed by implementation or customization

What it basically means is: easier installation with less hassle! No more pulling your hair out and going cross-eyed staring at programming code. We take the mystery out of SMF and make it simple and easy.

The Simple Machines Forum video tutorials were designed for beginners. Even the most inexperienced users can coast through the SMF process with this training course — it’s that simple.

We walk you through each and every step to help you set up your Simple Machines Forum, including fundamental information on:

  • Simple Install
  • Manual Install
  • Terminology
  • Features and Options
  • Server Settings
  • Themes and Layouts
  • Customization Tips
  • …and more!

This amazing course will teach you everything you need to know, simple as that.

Read below for further details about each video:

Video 01: Series Intro
In this video you will be introduced to the entire Simple Machines Forum Video Series. In addition to having a heads-up as to what lies ahead in this video series, this video can also be a possible promotional video if you plan to resell any of these videos.

Video 02: Simple Install
In Video 02 you will see just how easy installing your new forum can be by using this method. Don’t blink when you are using this method, you’ll miss it – it’s that fast and easy.

Video 03: Manual Install
As the name implies, Video 03 is going to take you through the manual steps to install your Simple Machines Forum. Just as easy as the simple method in Video 02 but several more steps – we will hold your hand through every one of those steps until it is installed.

Video 04: Terminology
In this video you will learn some of the basic lingo used in the world of forums – namely Simple Machines Forum, to be precise. Some of these terms are obvious in their meaning, but some are less clear. For example, not everyone will know the difference between a “child board” and a “headboard.” This video will ensure we are all on the same page. Who knows? You might learn a new word – watch this video.

Video 05: SMF Setup – Features and Options
In Video 05 we will touch on the basic settings of your new SMF features and options section. You will learn some important tips that will save you headaches in the future.

Video 06: SMF Setup- Server Settings
Video 06 will be short and sweet because most of the server settings were created and set up when the installation took place. However, knowing where to go in case you need to make adjustments in the future is knowledge worth having, so no naptime during this video!

Video 07: SMF Setup- Themes and Layouts
In Video 07 you will learn how to change the way your forum looks by making minor changes to the CSS all the way to getting free or paid for custom themes and replacing the default theme altogether – time to let your creative side out to play.

Video 08: SMF Setup- Boards and Categories
In the next few videos you will learn how to create your forum structure. In Video 08, you will learn a great way to create and configure your Forum Boards and categories.

Video 09: SMF Setup- Posts and Topics
In Video 09 you will learn more about the setup of your simple machines forum. This video will cover posts and topics and the various options for you to consider and configure.

Video 10: SMF Setup- Calendar
In this video we will touch on the setup and options available to you in configuring the forum calendar.

Video 11: SMF Setup- Search
Video 11 will cover the different options available as well as the configuration of the forum search function.

Video 12: SMF Setup – Smileys
Video 12 touches on a serious issue that affects most of us. Yes, I’m talking about the smileys. In this video we will walk you through the settings of your forum smileys so once again there will be joy in your forum.

Video 13: SMF Setup- Attachments and Avatars
In this video you will learn the importance of the allowed extensions and how this can affect the well-being of your entire forum. You’ll want to watch this one.

Video 14: Members Setup- Members and Member Groups
This video will cover a lot of ground about your Members and Member Groups. There is a boatload of info to cover, so let’s get with it.

Video 15: Members Setup- Permissions
Video 15 will cover the different options available in assigning permissions to the various members of your Simple Machines Forum.

Video 16: Members Setup – Ban List
Just as the name implies, Video 16 will show you how to keep the riffraff out of your Forum, or at least ways to help keep them in line by banning them from your forum or sections of the forum. Hopefully you will never need this info but it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Video 17: News and Newsletters
In Video 17 we will cover the newsletter function of your Simple Machines Forum. This is a feature that many Forum owners do not take advantage of, but you will learn how to use your forum newsletter options so you will be able to put yours to good use

Video 18: SMF Packages and Modifications
Video 18 will introduce you to the Package Manager. Your SMF package manager allows you to add more functionality to your forum. This is just one more way that you can separate your forum from the herd of other cookie-cutter forums out there. Stand above the crowd – not in it.

Our Simple Machines Forum video tutorials are unlike any other SMF guides available

This incredible program was developed to help beginners wade through the complicated waters of SMF installation, configuration and customization. No one else will show you down to the most minute steps, how to set up an SMF with such ease. Think of all the frustration and complicated instructions you’ll be avoiding.

Simple Machines Forum Video Tutorials Work For Real People Just Like You!

Isn’t your sanity worth it?

Don’t pull your hair out trying to untangle complicated instructions when all you want is a simple install. Simple Machines Forum Video Tutorials have the ability to help you set up SMF with ease—even if you’re a beginner

Remember, diving into the complicated world of Simple Machines Forums without any guidance is giving you a major disadvantage. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged without the right instructions to take you step-by-step. Don’t get lost! It’s really that important. Click the link above to try the Simple Machines Forum Video Tutorials right now.

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