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Social Media Mastery with Personal Use (UR)

Discover the 50 video, social media mastery course, the most comprehensive marketing content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and Google.

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“Warning – Non Converting Traffic Is Killing Your Business And Preventing Your Success”

“Discover How We Get TENS Of Thousands Of Cash-In-Hand Buyer Traffic For FREE USing Social Media”

And The Best Part Is That You Can Get Started TODAY And See Your First Visitors Within HOURS!

What you’re about to read may SHOCK you…

It may disturb you

And hopefully, if I have my way, it will PROVOKE you…

Provoke you to ACTION and change the way you run your online business

Read this entire letter, because you’re finally going to get the BIG picture and discover how getting people to know, like and trust you can translate to

…Cash Generating Free Social Traffic…

You’re going to get a glimpse into how you can leverage SOCIAL MEDIA to build a rabid, loyal following and CHANGE your business forever, just like the biggest brands in the world.


I have no idea if we’ve ever met, but I think I know three things about you.

  1. Your frustrated because you’re not making the kind of money you know you deserve. You’re working too hard, for too long, and with too little to show for it. You want to build a huge, responsive list. Drive more traffic. Generate more leads. Have all the money and FREEDOM you need.
  2. You dream of a lifestyle where you get up when you want, work when you want, have more free time than you know what to do with. Where you live in your dream home, eat out every night at the best restaurants and go on EXPENSIVE vacations to places most people dream about, whenever you feel like it.
  3. You want to learn the most effective, potent and powerful killer social media strategies that have propelled brand giants live Dove, Oreos and Red Bull to the massive success and unbelievable profitability. You know that if you can learn what these guys know, those secrets are guaranteed to increase the sales, income and profits of your business too.

So am I right? If even ONE of those statements describes you, then this will easily be the most EXCITING and PROFITABLE information you’ll read today!

Social Media Is The Internet For Most People

  • 74% of online adults use social networking sites.
  • 40% of cell phone owners use a social networking site on their phone.
  • 42% of online adults use multiple social networking platforms.

So it;s no surprise that social media is perhaps the largest, and single most important, ‘area’ that internet marketers need to concentrate their business efforts on.

But social media isn’t like SEO or other traffic methods. It’s all about people, and engagement, and relationships, and all that warm and fluffy stuff. Little wonder then that approaching social media in an analytical, number-crunching way, as you would with SEO or PPC for example, is a recipe for disaster. Yet that’s what people try to do.

So no surprise that most entrepreneurs find that their social media marketing efforts consistently fall flat, despite their best efforts.

Do you ever ask, “Why can’t someone just tell me, step-by-step, EXACTLY what to do to DEVELOP my brand, EXPAND my business and SELL more of my products and services using social media?”

I did, and I get it. You don’t have the time to understand every little nuance of every major social media site, or spend countless hours learning strategy and theory.

You want someone who knows what they are doing to share with you, in easy steps and plain English, exactly how business who understand social media make a ton of cash from it.

That is what

Introducing… Social Media Mastery. The Most Comprehensive Video Training Course on Social Media Marketing

We’ve created over 50 video tutorials that clearly and concisely explain different social media strategies, and exactly how to use them to create massive results in YOUR business.

In this course we’ll personally walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do, step by baby step, to turn your social media following into a highly targeted, paying customer base!

Yes, a loyal army of customers that you love working with and are honored to serve every day!
After all, numbers mean nothing if they aren’t your ideal client and , more importantly, if they aren’t buying from you!

That’s why I have put together this “content packed” social media course, where you’ll learn the selling secrets of the top ‘social’ marketers!

Not only that, we’re also going to take you behind the scenes, and give you the “secret sauce” to selling and building a HUGE following using social media!

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover In These 50 Fact-Packed Videos…

  • You’ll find out how to effortlessly cream off profits from the biggest social media audiences on the planet, even if you don’t have a single penny to spend on ads!
  • We’ll reveal how to quickly and easily attract armies of genuine followers desperate to receive your status updates, without spamming, dodgy ‘rent a crowd’ tactics or risking your content getting lost in a tsunami of junk tweets!
  • You will discover how to use Google to host unlimited profitable webinars to rival the biggest in the business, without ever spending a dime on services like GoToWebinar!
  • You’ll learn how to get your YouTube videos ranked in hours or days, not weeks, for fast targeted traffic on demand, every single time.
  • And much more…

Module #1: Your Facebook ATM
Your Facebook ATMJust a few years ago, the accepted wisdom was that marketing on Facebook was “unfeasible”. How things have changed. Today, no business can afford NOT to market on Facebook, because this freely available, giant social networking site with over a billion users is an income-producing powerhouse.

You’ll learn how Facebook advertising works, how to set up a profitable advertising campaign. When to use CPC, and when to use CPM bidding, to cut your advertising spend to the bone.

You’ll also discover how to understand your audience and build fan page engagement, create custom Facebook apps, leverage custom audiences and use Facebook’s in-built statistical tools to make savvy decisions that deliver fast, measurable profits and massive ROI.

Module #2: Advanced Twitter Strategies
Advanced Twitter StrategiesWith over 800 million registered users, Twitter is perhaps the most used, and abused, social media marketing opportunity outside Facebook. But it’s super-easy to get it completely wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. You’ll learn how to create engaging profiles and controversial content to pull in avalanches of traffic on demand, and how to use insider tools to build a loyal audience of buyers for the offers, using Twitter the RIGHT way.

Module #3: Putting Google to Work For You
Putting Google to Work For YouWe’ll reveal how to leverage the free tool suites offered by internet giant Google to deliver webinars (I held a webinar recently using one of Google’s FREE tools, and pulled in over $8,000 in sales) without paying fees to telecasting services, advanced strategies for content generation and authorship that Google will LOVE you for, how to target the leaders in your industry and get them into YOUR circle of influence, and the nuts and bolts of holding Hangouts on air so you can get started right away with no learning curve.

Module #4: LinkedIn Secrets
LinkedIn SecretsLinkedIn has over 300 million professionals looking for experts to build connections with. We’ll show you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure to attract them to YOU, rank #1 for your keywords and drive floods of targeted, high-converting traffic to your website or blog on autopilot.

Module #5: Insider YouTube Strategies
Insider YouTube StrategiesWe’ll show you how to find what the 1 billion+ regular YouTube users are looking for, and how to present your videos in such a way as they will find them. You’ll discover how to rank your YouTube videos in 2 weeks or less (and in many cases within HOURS), and explain the YouTube ranking concept in detail so that you understand completely how to structure and conduct your video marketing in the fastest, easiest and most effective way. For astonishing results every time.

Module #6: Instagram Insight
Instagram InsightThis Spring, Instagram user activity exceeded HALF the volume of Facebook’s user activity. Facebook is easily the biggest social media network, is 6 years older than Instagram and is, of course, FAR better known. So this was no mean feat and suggests Instagram is the ‘next big thing’ in social media. Marketers can no longer afford to ignore this relative newcomer, and we’ll show you exactly how Instagram works and how to exploit it’s many features to create opportunities and revenue streams for your business.

Module #7: Pinterest Strategy
From September 2012 to September 2013, Pinterest drove more referral traffic to publishers than Twitter, Redit and LinkedIn combined. We’ll show you how to market your business and your products in Pinterest the RIGHT way, so you can effortlessly harness this giant traffic source for outstanding results.

It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one immersion course that will take you from social media “newb” to Social Media Master in under a week.

Social Media Mastery Is Perfect For:

  • Hight ticket service providers
  • Internet marketers
  • Newbies… those who’re just starting an online business
  • Social media experts
  • And who those of us who want to build connections, and drive leads using social media.

Don’t delay grab your 50 videos today.

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