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Start Your Podcast With Anchor

Start Your Podcast With Anchor with Personal Use Only (PUO)

Learn how to start your podcast with anchor through these over the shoulder videos to get your message heard using the Anchor.fm app.
(Basic and Advanced Editions)

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Are YOU Ready to Start Getting Your Message Heard?

“Give Me Two Hours and I’ll Show You How to Start Your Own Podcast Using Free Tools”

In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Use The Anchor.FM App to Create Your Own Podcast


Start Your Podcast with Anchor

Leverage a Free Application to Start A Podcast

SYPWA Bundle

The basic package includes 21 videos

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover inside the course:

  • Video #1: Overview – Anchor-FM Podcasting
  • Video #2: Sign Up and Basic Settings
  • Video #3: Creating Cover Art With Canva
  • Video #4: Completing Anchor Settings
  • Video #5: Anchor Links and Creating An Episode
  • Video #6: Using Your Mobile Device for Anchor
  • Video #7: Using Your Mobile Device To Create An Episode
  • Video #8: Inviting Others to Join You On Your Podcast Using Mobile
  • Video #9: Desktop Audio Addition to Anchor
  • Video #10: Segmenting A Recording
  • Video #11: Creating a Trailer Using Desktop
  • Video #12: Creating A Trailer With Mobile at the Show Level
  • Video #13: Creating Episodes Ahead of Time
  • Video #14: Arranging the Order of Episodes
  • Video #15: Distrubution of Your Podcast
  • Video #16: Distribution and Messaging
  • Video #17: Adding an Intro and Outro
  • Video #18: Recording Your Intro or Outro Using Anchor Desktop
  • Video #19: Editing Your Intro or Outro Using Your Mobile Device
  • Video #20: Intro and Outro Professionally Created
  • Video #21: Transcriptions for Your Podcast

The advanced package includes 7 videos

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover inside the course:

  • Video #1: Introduction To Anchor Hands On Processes – Bonus Episodes
  • Video #2: Sponsorship Activation with Anchor
  • Video #3: Building a Home Base For Your-Podcast
  • Video #4: Creating A Paid Portion of Our Site
  • Video #5: Turn Your Audio Into A Video and Promote It On YouTube
  • Video #6: Streaming Your Podcast Content Live
  • Video BONUS: How to Submit to Amazon Music

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Licensing Terms

This product comes with a Personal Use Only! (PUO) license.

[NO] You are NOT authorized to share/give away / sell any of the content materials within it.

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