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Video gold is a collection of 23 videos based on creating turbo video profits and list building. Learn through 117 minutes of internet marketing goodness.

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“23 top quality, professional videos on the hot topics of video marketing and list building!”

Your Goldmine To Achieve Profitable Online Profits

1: Turbo Video Profits

  1. What is video marketing? (2m 32sec)
  2. Components of video marketing (1m 46sec)
  3. What makes a great video? (3m 28sec)
  4. Creating a video (2m 13sec)
  5. How to write a script for your video (1m 45sec)
  6. Create a slideshow with Windows Paint (4m 44sec)
  7. Make the video with Windows Movie Maker (4m 31sec)
  8. Create a slideshow with PowerPoint (3m 49sec)
  9. Video sharing sites (1m 43sec)
  10. Upload the video to YouTube (6m 31sec)
  11. Introduction to keywords (5m 02sec)
  12. Conclusion (36sec)

2: List Building Videos

  1. Intro (1m 56sec)
  2. Buy Domain (12m 42sec)
  3. Install Domain (3m 41sec)
  4. Autoresponder Setup (11m 44sec)
  5. PLR Bribe (5m 43sec)
  6. Thank You Page (7m 07sec)
  7. CreateListEmails (10m 57sec)
  8. Writing Promo Emails (7m 59sec)
  9. Traffic1 (5m 19sec)
  10. Traffic2 (1m 56sec)
  11. Conclusion (8m 39sec)
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