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Video Knockout Blueprint

Video Knockout Blueprint with Personal Use Only (UR)
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Learn how to create and edit high quality, professional video in less than an hour with the huge video knockout blueprint video training course.

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Attention All Business Owners:

Are You Paralyzed With Fear and Anxiety About How To Create Videos That Make Money?

Not long ago, I was just like you.

I was unable to create videos. I didn’t know how to edit them. And, I definitely didn’t know how to make money with video. (I felt like a fool. Even an idiot.)

I failed again and again – and I was FRUSTRATED! –but then everything changed. But first, does this sound like you?

  • Are you tired of fighting to create even really simple YouTube videos?
  • Are you disgusted by $300, $500 and even $1,000 video software?
  • Are you just plain sick and tired of trying to make money with video?

If so, you’re really going to get a lot out of what I have to share with you. That’s because…

This Is Your Chance to Create and Edit High Quality, Professional Video in Less Than 52 Minutes… For FREE

You see, a friend of mine invested $2,250.75 to have a video expert create a “caveman simple” training system… and then I bought my own exclusive license!

Let me tell you –

I’ve never been more thrilled about video. I went from being the “village idiot” about video to being the king of the hill. People now PAY ME for video help.

And get this… the core training took less than one hour to get gobble up like a slice of apple pie (52 minutes to be exact). Yeah, I had fun and got smart – FAST!

But there’s even more… here’s why this matters for you.

These Video Creation and Video Editing Tools Are 100% FREE for YOU

So, I got these videos and I got smart and it was fun and easy.

But, I forgot to tell you that the tools you’ll be using are totally FREE to download and use. You can get your greedy hands on them at no charge.

Reminds me of the old saying… it’s like Christmas in July!

Now It’s Your Turn to Discover the Secret of “Money Videos”

Here’s what I discovered… what YOU need right now:

  • How to get the 10 FREE video software tools that multi-million dollar businesses are using… friendly, simple, easy-to-use but 100% free to you… saving you hundreds of dollars and without the PAIN of wasting your time finding these tools yourself. (YES, they work on Mac and PC!)
  • How to finally download the ultimate guide to the most-downloaded audio capture and audio editing software on Planet Earth… giving you the uncanny ability to get perfect audio content created in minutes, and without paying even ONE PENNY for “help” from greedy audio snobs.
  • How to instantly tap into an almost unlimited source of free video traffic… and force Google to place your video in front of millions of targeted users (3 different ways!)

The “big lie” that they tell you is that great video is expensive, and hard, and only for the professionals.


Here’s what I’m going to do to help YOU… right now…


Video Knockout Blueprint

VKB Bundle


A brand spankin’ new, proven, 9-part coaching system… giving you the skills and confidence to create and edit your own professional quality, money making videos… faster and better than anything else.

With Video Knockout, all your fears and frustrations are destroyed. Your video pain is eliminated. It’s crushed and burned, forever… because YOU have everything you need.

Here are your 9 training modules:

  1. The Ultimate Video Quickstart Guide
  2. The Invincible Screen Capture and Recording System
  3. The Golden Video Studio Recording System
  4. The King Kong Mobile Video Development System
  5. The Secret Edge Video Editing System
  6. The Insider Video Hosting and Delivery System
  7. The YouTube Traffic & Promotion System
  8. The 7-Figure Webinar Video Replay System
  9. The Cutting-Edge Google Hangouts System

YES… You’re downloading 46 videos! The exact same videos I’ve been using, worth $2,250.75 (…and worth every penny!)

But, that’s not even close to everything you get today for your investment…

Here’s How to Get 1 More Huge Bonus Right Now!

I’m not done stacking up the value for you.

I’m also giving you: Every Single Video Knockout PDF Guide.

So, you’ll have the exact same PDF’s that I use. The same cheat sheets and guides and resources that I use. You’ll have “peace of mind” using your royalty free music tracks and you’ll even have squeeze page templates.

I mean, seriously, the value of the “core training” is $2,250.75 but I’m also delivering another $750 of value. That’s more than $3,000 of real world value.

AND, you’ll finally know how to crush it with video… what a dream come true!

Not only is this entire coaching package worth over $3,000 but you’re also going to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars since you don’t need to buy software that you don’t need and that’s hard to use.

And, I’m estimating that you get to SAVE more than 75 hours of time because I’ve invested my money for you, and I’ve done all the “leg work” needed to make this a total slam dunk…

So, click on the order button below…

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