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Webinar Fever with Private Label Rights (PLR)

Learn how to set up correctly and make serious money with webinars by following our 16 part step-by-step webinar fever video series.

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Step by Step 16-Part PLR Videos Course That Gives You Cutting Edge Knowledge to Make Serious Money With Webinars.

Typical sales pages convert at about 1 percent. Typical video sales pages do a little better at 1 to 2 percent. But webinars on average eclipse just about everything with an average of 10 to 15 percent sales conversion rate. That means if you set things up properly and have something decent to offer the attendees, you could bring in 10 to 15 sales with only 100 people showing up to your webinar.

Most people would like to have more folks showing up than that, but 100 individuals taking time out of their schedule to listen to you for 30 minutes to an hour is a pretty good event.

Only a few launches and personalities are capable of bringing in a full house (1000 registrants or more), but you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting started with webinars. In fact, you should try to create a high end product or service first. Imagine having only 30 or so people show up, but you’re selling a high end service for $2500, and 3 of those 30 people buy!

That’s what webinars can do for you and setting them up correctly to avoid issues and maximize your earnings is what this 16-part plr videos course is all about.

This plr videos package consists of 16 comprehensive tutorial videos and includes both live webinar planning checklists and evergreen webinar planning checklists.

The topics addressed in full in these plr videos are:

  • A general overview of webinars and how to use the technology (this is the above sample video)
  • The meeting type of webinar.
  • The training type of webinar and the rule of 3s that boost sales during webinars.
  • Setting up GoToWebinar properly and easily.
  • Major features of live webinars and the checklist to make planning them a breeze.
  • Overview of live webinar providers and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Why Webex is really the gold standard among webinar providers.
  • Webinar presentation tools and the evergreen webinar checklist.
  • Organizing your webinar presentations through mind mapping.
  • How to create your own whiteboard and how to use PowerPoint effectively in your presentations.

Buy this full training plr videos package that will help anyone become a success at presenting webinars.

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