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Webinar Jumpstart 101

Webinar Jumpstart 101 with

Join us and our video series webinar jumpstart 101 to learn how to produce results from showing your product and answering questions live.

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Attention: In just 45 minutes from now…

“You’ll Discover How To Run Your First Webinar and Jumpstart Your Sales Overnight”

And the most important reason for you to run your own webinars is simple: customers buy more products and services after they have been educated in a live event.

You make it work WITHOUT being great at pitching people to buy your stuff!

I’ll keep this short as I know your time is precious…

Did you know that webinars have quickly become one of the most effective ways to sell your product?

The reason is simple: they overcome objections without hype, they build trust with straightforward language and they keep people’s attention without entertainment.

Plain and simple…they help you connect with ready buyers.

And you can start connecting with your buyers, in less than 45 minutes, by allowing us to take you BABY step by BABY step though creating your own webinar.

Imagine your product, as the star of the show, with a captive audience.

Well our “keep it simple” videos will help the true marketing newbie and technically challenged to present their product on this super-effective non-hyped way of selling.

  • Without extreme technical skills
  • Without superior selling skills
  • Without being a “knock ’em dead” public speaker

All you’ll need is this…

So let’s take a look at how Webinar Jumpstart 101, Is going to do that…

Videos 01-03: Getting Started to set up your very first webinar!
In the first fifteen minutes, I’ll show you a reliable, affordable webinar platform, where you can get a free trial and how to get your account activated.

You’ll watch over my shoulder as I get you in position to do no-pressure effective selling.

These videos literally take you from knowing nothing about webinars to getting your set up, with absolutely no technical skills needed.

Videos 04-07: How to promote your brand and handle the guests.
In the next twenty minutes, I am going to show you how to finish your setup by adding your own branding and guest speakers to your webinar.

Being able to successfully host popular and knowledgeable guest speakers can mean the difference between just a few slightly interested people attending and a horde of stampeding fans ready to look at your product.

Buyers will begin to associate your brand with high quality programs that make them NEVER want to ignore your emails.

Videos 08-10: How to get people sign up for your webinar.
In the final fifteen minutes, I will show you how to properly set up the reminder system so that those that register wouldn’t dare to forget about your dynamic presentation.

I’ll walk you through the little known and rarely used features of creating webinar invitations that keep people excited about coming to hear about your product.

The more that people attend your webinar live, the greater chance you will have to sell them on how your product benefit’s them.

Videos 11-12: Let’s go Live!
In our two bonus videos, we’ll take fifteen minutes to show you a live webinar and get you set up for a powerful presentation and delivery.

You’ll see how easy it is to look like a pro on your webinar.

People love buying from the pros.

Get this package today, and get your webinar up and running in the next hour. There is nothing to fear, we didn’t leave anything out. We will get you into position to get your webinar moving NOW.

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