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Website Creation Secrets with Resale Rights (RR)

Learn how you can start your own website development company with the 7 part website creation secrets video series. Tap into the offline website business.

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Announcing The Brand New, 7 Part, Step By Step Video Course, That Shows You …

“Finally, Learn How to Tap into the Profitable Offline Website Creation Business!”

You Get to Learn Directly From a Successful Website Builder. This Step by Step 7 Part Video Course Will Show You How You Can Start Your Own Website Development Company, The Right Way. There’s No Theory Here!

Sales Fact:

– Website Development is a profitable industry as offline businesses realize they need to tap into the online industry.


– Many people attempt to create their own web development company and fail. They spend months learning, wasted time and lots of wasted money. They walk away angry or sad. Don’t let that be you. In fact it is easy to fail in this industry if you do not know what you are doing.

However, that is why we were able to get a former web builder that knows what he is doing, to let you in on the secrets.

You see, given the right blueprint….if you know how to create good looking websites fast and you can follow a simple step by step blue print, then you should have no problem succeeding at the Website Creation Secrets system.

Web DesignTRUE STORY: You see I knew a former website developer for a small college. At that time he had his own business on the side. Businesses were paying $1-2k minimum and they saw anything lower as “cheap quality”. Of course creating websites was a very time consuming process. He created them, had to update them, had to make sure the web hosting was up at all times and eventually it became a very busy business.

He was losing money because of all the updates until he found WordPress . WordPress as you know is a blogging platform. It gives you the ability to edit your website with a few clicks of a button without any web programming knowledge.

Soon he realized that he could make the same amount of money or even more by using WordPress …We were able to gain access to his secrets, so that we could provide it to you.

The Solution…

As I mentioned earlier briefly, you can create a website for a business using the WordPress platform in less than a few hours so that the business can edit it anytime they want without having to know any programming.

If they know how to use Microsoft Word, then they can use WordPress .

It makes the business owner’s life easier. It save them time. And it gives them full control.

Most likely business owners will opt in for that option because they can update their website information any time they want without having to wait, and they’ll have full control.

With our blueprint you can earn even more if you angle it correctly and you’ll learn more about how to do that in this video series.

And remember, if you angle it wrong, then you’ll lose a ton of time and money.

Introducing… Website Creation Secrets! 7 Part Video Course

This step by step, 7 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to create a web development company, the right way!

There’s no theory involved here like other video series. You learn directly from a former successful web development company owner that went thru a lot of mistakes, so that you don’t have to.

Here’s a list of this 7 part video series in more detail

Video #1: Introduction to Website Creation Secrets (12m 05sec)

In this video we will discuss what you need before creating your own website development company. Fortunately you will not need to buy any more products besides this video series. Free tools will be used. However you do need to be able to watch the videos and complete them. Too many people fail because they either read or watch training material and don’t attempt to take action. If you are ready, then read on….

Video #2: Meeting With Your Clients (21m 38sec)

You need to meet with your clients to make sure you understand their needs first, this will tell you how much to charge. At the same time, this is a great opportunity for you to create rapport, interview them to show them you care, give them some tips, which will ultimately help you increase the sale. More on that in this video.

Video #3: Getting Your First Sale, sell both site and hosting: (16m 10sec)

Before you can make a website, you need to understand how to make your first sale. You also need to understand what you are going to sell because you aren’t just selling a website, you are selling several services that help your clients in the long run. In addition, this will give you an opportunity to sell more services down the road. Without the proper blueprint and know how on selling, you won’t be able to make it to the next step. In fact I will tell you about some clients to avoid to save you time and money in the long run. Some clients are just not worth dealing with and will waste your potential profit’s.

Video #4: Planning Your Layout (9m 41sec)

Now is the time to plan the layout of the website. This is where most people make the mistake, with no proper planning. They are too excited, jumping in with two feet, ready to start the website. Without proper planning, you won’t know where to put certain items and you may even create a website that drops your customer’s possible conversion rates in sales and potential customers. It has to be user friendly and the information needs to be easily reached.

Video #5: Setting Up Your Website (31m 18sec)

Once you have done the proper planning, it is time to setup your website. Setting up is easy, but in this video we’ll go thru everything, from web hosting, setting up WordPress , finding your theme, to customizing your theme. It’s important to set your website up correctly the first time, so you don’t waste time

Video #6: Install SEO Friendly Plugins (6m 19sec)

The beauty of WordPress is that it is open source code. This means that it gives programmers the ability to create plugins or what you may call software around it. There are tons and tons of FREE WordPress plugins. Yes I said free. So in this case you’ll want to make sure that the website is SEO or Search Engine friendly. The more SEO friendly it is, the better rankings your customer will get. The good thing for you is that most people skimp out on SEO, so you can even tell your customers this and this is all part of the package. This is a big help in converting those reluctant sales.

Video #7: Install Plugins to create User Friendly Editing (8m 36sec)

Finally, the last video here will show you how to create a user friendly editing process for your customers. As I noted before in the salesletter, your customers want to have full control over the website without having to have extensive web programming knowledge. So while WordPress makes it very easy already, we’ll make it even easier and user friendly! Then after this, you can simply show them how to edit the pages, which is super easy!

So…with that said, grab this video series today, and learn how to start your own web development company…the right way today!

This is one of the most risk-free ways to starting your own website development company

Don’t start your website company without the proper blueprint, otherwise you’ll make the same mistakes I did and everyone that tries to get into this industry.

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