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WordPress Site Transfer Guide

WordPress Site Transfer Guide with Private Label Rights (PLR)

Learn how to move from one site to another for free without paying for expensive plugins with the wordpress site transfer guide.

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Moving or transferring your WordPress site from one domain to another is kinda easy when you’ve done it many times.

There are plugins, both free and very costly, that will help make the process easier.

Before you spend money on a plugin or program, or end up breaking your site when you use a free plugin that seems easy until you hit the ‘Go’ button and you get a blank screen where your site use to be…

Spend a few minutes reviewing this post and I believe you will get the confidence and know-how needed to DIY (do it yourself).

I’ve broken the process down to a few simple steps.

Watch the videos and then give it a go.

As I mention a few times within the videos, do a full backup of the files and database before you get started with the move. While the process detailed within these videos work in 99% of the WordPress site moves, if you encounter the 1% where you cannot get it to work, leave me a comment below. This way when we get your situation solved, it may help other people in that 1% camp.

After you have your full backup stored away, to help you visualize an easy move, think about all the moving parts that need to be packed up and transferred to their new home.

In most cases, there are the WordPress files and folder located within the root directory of the WordPress install and the database associated with that WordPress site.

That is all there is.

So all you need to do is properly pack those items and then properly unpack those items when you get them to their new home (domain).

The following videos will show you step by step how to properly do both along with a few tips along the way. As you can see below, all the videos total running time is about 13 minutes total and some of that is me yammering on.

“It’s Easy Once You Know How!”

  1. Create folder on desktop to hold all files
  2. Access cPanel for both source AND destination
  3. Source – select and compress all items to be moved into single zip file (site zip)
  4. Source – in phpMyadmin, export database in sql format
  5. Destination – Upload site zip
  6. Destination – While site zip is uploading, create database and ‘note’ name, username & password
  7. Destination – after upload is complete, un-zip site file [makes sure all files are in root]
  8. Destination – open wp-config.php file and edit db name, username & password to new ones
  9. Open Source database in text editor (Notepad++) and ‘find & replace’ Source URL with Destination URL
  10. Destination – Import edited database tables into new database
  11. Uncross fingers and refresh browser
  • Video One – Introduction (2:46 minutes)
  • Video Two – Covers Steps 3 & 4 (3:19 minutes)
  • Video Three – Covers Steps 5 & 6 (2:27 minutes)
  • Video Four – Covers Steps 7 & 8 (1:20 minutes)
  • Video Five – Covers Steps 9, 10 & 11 (3:19 minutes)
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