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Learn how to create your first WordPress site without any technical knowledge in less than 24 hours with our 11 part step-by-step video tutorial series.

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“How To Create Your First WordPress Site In 24 Hours Or Less”

…By Easily Unlocking The Power of WordPress with These Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Videos

(Even If You Don’t Have A Technical Bone In Your Body)

If you’ve always wanted to be a master at WordPress…

…or at least get your first site up and running…

…but you don’t know where to start…

…then this will be the most important webpage you ever read.

The Other Day My 65 Year Old Aunt Asked Me How She Could Set Up A WordPress Site

She said that…

  • She wanted to get a site up and running fast
  • She wanted to be able to post content
  • She wanted to be able to add pictures and videos
  • She wanted to be able to link to things
  • She wanted to have a good looking site she could be proud of

So I Started Telling Her How

I told her about creating a database, uploading via FTP, SEO, plugins and Themes…

Her mind wandered as I told her…

Why didn’t she care?

Maybe it’s because all she wanted to do was get a site up and running… and skip all the hard parts.

That’s When I Got the Idea to Create These 11 Easy To Understand WordPress Tutorial Videos

These are the most basic and easy to followed WordPress videos you will ever watch.

They are designed to get you up and running fast.

After you watch these videos, you’ll know how to operate a WordPress site.

Plain and simple.

Nothing complicated.

You’ll Have Your WordPress Site and Your 1st Post Up TODAY

Because in these 11 over the shoulder videos, you’ll discover:

  • Why You Should Be Using WordPress
  • 2 Ways To Install WordPress Easily
  • Getting To Know The WordPress Dashboard
  • How To Configure WordPress Quickly
  • What Plugins Are and How To Use Them
  • How to insert hyperlinks into your content
  • How to find and install plugins on your WordPress site
  • How to add a YouTube video to your content page
  • How to set Permalinks for your site
  • How to set your General Settings
  • How To Make Your Site Look Great with Themes
  • How to add new users to your site
  • How to add new categories
  • How To Setup Categories and Tags
  • How To Use Widgets and Menus

To Get Your First WordPress Site Up and Running Within 24 Hours From Now…

Step #1: Stop everything you’re doing and order securely below now.

Step #2: You’ll come to a download page where you can download all 11 of these WordPress videos.

Step #3: By the time you’re doing watching the videos, you’ll know everything you need to know to get a site up and running using WordPress.

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