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Become a WordPress professional with our 35 part step-by-step wp video sidekick video series. Learn how to master and profit to build your online empire.

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“Get This Step By Step Video Course and Master The Most Popular Website Software On The Planet”

Then Use This Skill To Build Your Online Empire Or Charge Others To Build Their Sites For Them

If You’ve been online for a minute then you’ve probably heard about how great WordPress is and how you can use it to create your websites and make money online. However If you’re just starting out you’ve probably realized that it’s not as easy to use as the famous 5 minute install makes it sound.

Now don’t get me wrong WordPress is easy to use but just like learning anything new there is a right and a wrong way to use it. That’s where this video course comes in, but more on that later. Lets break down why you need to be using WordPress if you are doing any form of business online.

Simplicity: WordPress is easy to use, if you can create a word document then you are ready to create content using WordPress. The interface is intuitive and makes it possible for you to get online and get publishing, quickly.

Manage your site from anywhere with an Internet connection. WordPress is web based software so you can publish or edit your content from any computer and even some mobile devices.

WordPress is flexible enough for you to build any type of site whether it be a blog, traditional website or both. Additionally with thousands of themes available for free you can customize the look of your site with push button ease.

Speaking of flexibility, you can add just about any functionality to WordPress with the use of plugins. You can add social sharing, build membership sites, create a support desk, integrate shopping carts to sell products from your site plus much, much more.

You can get free traffic. WordPress is search engine friendly and many SEO features are built in right out of the box. Plus you can always take your SEO to the next level with additional plugins.

Oh and did I mention that WordPress is FREE… All you need is a domain and hosting, which you would need anyway to get any website online.

So Now That You See The Benefit’s, How Do You Take advantage of them?
Well that’s where I come in, because today I have for you a step by step video course that will help you master from the basics to some of the more advanced features of WordPress.

Introducing WP Video Sidekick Video Series

Over 30 Step By Step, Over the shoulder training that covers exactly how to get started with WordPress and how to become a power user so that you can build and manage your own sites or make money by building and managing sites for others. Here’s a brief look at some of what’s included:

Introduction and Installation
These videos include a brief over view of what WordPress is, how to install it both automatically through cpanel as well as manually through FTP.

Posts, Pages and Media
These videos cover creating posts, pages and adding media such as images, audio and video to your site.

These videos cover the settings on the backend of WordPress as well as how to customize your site as a blog, static site or a combination of both.

Themes and Plugins
These videos cover the installation of themes and plugins via the WordPress repository as well as from zip files

These videos will explain how you can make your site more secure through the use of passwords, backups and other practices to make your site safe

Plus You Get Immediate Access To All These Videos
Here are a few ways that you can start to benefit from these videos

Use The videos yourself to master WordPress and then review them when you need a refresher course

Deliver to your customers as part of the package when you create their sites. This will dramatically cut down the number of support requests

Give to your staff or outsourcers so that you can focus on other areas of your business

Thank You For Your Business!

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