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Your PLR Makeover

Your PLR Makeover with Resale Rights (RR)

Learn from one of the worlds top experts to master techniques to give your PLR products a makeover with our 16 video your PLR makeover video series.

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ATTENTION: Are You Tired Of Getting Peanuts For Your PLR Products?

…Real, No Bull Facts On PLR Makeover, Explained in Layman’s Terms by One of the World’s Top PLR Makeover Experts?

Starting Today You Can Master The Techniques To Makeover Your Cookie-Cutter PLR Products Into Prize Winning, Profit Pulling Product Creations!

If You STRONGLY Desire To Master The Skill Of Making Money AT WILL From Private Label Rights – Whether You Have PLR eBooks, PLR Articles Or PLR Videos, This Is Going To Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read.

Without years of experience and buckets of cash, you just CAN NOT begin to even
think about creating your own hi-quality fast-selling info products. Right???


What if I told you, better yet, SHOWED YOU that after you have watched these powerful video
tutorials you will be able to create profit pulling products from your private label rights products – As Often As You Want..

  • How To Locate PLR Products
    Easily overlooked locations for PLR content are revealed.
  • How To Do A Total PLR eBook Makeover
    3 separate videos in this series on just plr eBook makeovers
  • How To Do A Total PLR Video Makeover
    3 separate videos in this series on just plr video makeovers
  • Tools Required For PLR Makeover
    Here are several tools (most are FREE) for your PLR Makeover
  • Domain Names & Web Hosting
    Several money saving tips for your new domain name and web hosting services
  • These are just a few of the keys to the castle you will receive when you have added these videos
    to your online money making tool-box!

Want To Have A Sneak Preview What My Product Offers!

Here Is What You Will Learn From These Knowledge-Packed & Entertaining Videos

Video 1. Series Introduction (05m 55sec)
This video one of the PLR Makeover series will introduce you to the entire video series. You will learn how to give your plr products a complete makeover from top to bottom. This makeover will take your cookie-cutter plr content to a one-of-a-kind money making monster. Time to learn and earn!!

Video 2. Private Label Rights Defined (03m 31sec)
In video 2 we are going to help you understand what exactly a PLR product is. You will learn a bit of history behind private label rights products as well as a few different types of plr products.

Video 3. Search – Acquire – Inventory (11m 33sec)
Video 3 will show you a few different places to start your search for quality PLR products of varied types and niches. Most anybody can look down when they are outside and find a rock – If you know where to look, you may look down and find a gold rock or a diamond.

Video 4. Domain Name & Web hosting (09m 10sec)
In this video we will cover some things for you to think about as to whether you will need or should get a domain name and web hosting. This information may be one of the most overlooked and yet, potentially most profitable parts of your PLR makeover process.

Video 5a. PLR Makeover Tools (06m 02sec)
In the next few videos we will take you by the hand and guide through the process of transforming your PLR eBook file into a one-of-a-kind product.

You will also learn a few other ways to re-purpose your plr content into income producing products.

First up, In video 5a we will introduce you to a few tools that you should have in your PLR Makeover toolbox.

Video 5b. PLR eBook Title Makeover (10m 57sec)
In this video you will learn the importance of the product title and some tips on what to think about when coming up with a new title for your one of a kind, soon to be, newly created eBook. Just like naming your newborn baby – this is something that should not be taken lightly – Your title can be the difference between the product being fantastic or the product being a flop.

Video 5c. PLR eBook Makeover (14m 31sec)
Now that you have the proper tools and you have come up with your prize-winning super title, it is time to roll up our sleeves.

In this video we will do the makeover of the PLR eBook content from stem to stern. I also mention another money making method from this and other PLR content you might have laying around on your hard drive collecting virtual dust.

Video 6a. Adding Entry & Exit Screens (14m 42sec)
In the next few videos we will be taking PLR makeover to a whole new level. You will learn a few different ways to modify your private label rights videos. If you thought all you could do to your plr videos was to add a title screen, you are in for a pleasant surprise

In this video we will use windows movie maker to create and add an entry and exit screen – the basics that most anyone can do to edit or brand their plr videos prior to resell.

Video 6b. Change The Look (12m 16sec)
This procedure is a bit more advanced and requires a professional level of video editing software like Camtasia Studio. You will learn how to completely change the look of the entire video

Video 6c. Video Theater Into A PDF (13m 14sec)
In this video you will learn how to easily transform the existing or
edited video into a new & unique product ready for resell – using free

Video 7. Sales Letter Makeover (13m 26sec)
Video 7 will cover the makeover of the stock sales letter that you and everyone else received that purchased the same PLR package. Learn a few tips and tricks to make changes to the sales letter so it will convert better as well as be different from the rest of the herd.

Video 8. Graphics Makeover (13m 54sec)
In this video we will cover some quick & easy methods of modifying the stock images that came with the PLR marketing package.

Along with everything else mentioned so far, changing the graphics is
an important part of making your plr product unique and profitable.

Video 9. Your Mini Website (14m 03sec)
In Video 9 you will begin to put it all together. Your website, or mini site in this case, is like the front door to your home – the first thing visitors see. If the front door of your home is not as inviting as it could be, then your visitors may quickly turn into passers by.

The same is true of your Mini Web site. This video will show you how to put it all together.

Video 10. Create & Adding Your PayPal Button (12m 41sec)
There are several ways to accept payments for your newly created masterpiece. PayPal is one of the most popular and easiest to use plus its free to get an account – Video 10 will take you step-by-step from creating your plain or customized buy now button to adding it to you minisite.

Video 11. Make It Live (07m 32sec)
Video 11 will show you ways to take you new product creation from your desktop to the Internet!

Tips & techniques to save you both time and money. Don’t fear the techy stuff – video 11 is here to show you the way.

Video 12. Create A Buzz & Other Marketing Ideas (11m 44sec)
Contrary to what Kevin Costner heard, “If you build it they will come..” regarding websites, this is rarely true with out some divine intervention – or a little knowledge in traffic generation.

While I cannot provide the divine intervention, This video will cover several methods of web traffic generation.

Why I’ve Created This

For The First Time Ever… YOU Too, Can Master The Tips And Techniques To A High Quality PLR Makeover!

I could only teach a limited amount of people if I had done this on a one-on-one basis, so I created this full-blown course where I reveal several tricks, tips and techniques I have learned in the past 3 and a half years that can bring you massive success with making money from improving the end product from your PLR content.


People stamp their name on a PLR product and sell it. By doing that, the full potential of the PLR product is not being used. If you’re just the same as 1000’s of other people out there that are doing the same thing, then your sales will be few and far between. At this point most will simply drop the price so it is lower than the others – then the price war begins and before long, what may have been a quality plr product is now being given away.


The importance of creating sellable products is how they solve a common problem AND how unique they are.

The answer is change the PLR product so dramatically that it looks nothing like the original and has many features added onto it that it sells many times more. Use PLR as the “mid point”, not the ending point. It’s just the beginning and the PLR product has helped you jump over the starting point.

PLR Genius

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“You and I already know that if you’ve read this far, you have a strong interest in raising the quality
& uniqueness of your products from your plr content. All that’s left is you to take action to do it. Right now, while it’s fresh in your mind, just click on the Add-To-Cart button now.”

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